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Can We Help You Find Your Angel?

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Can we help you find your angel? Yes, there is hope for every man searching for his other half. While every persons idea of a life partner is different, there are elements that every man needs to know. Consequently, if you decide to search in a foreign land, learn as much as possible before you begin your search. Even though Ukraine is full of honest and sincere women, there are many who think much differently.

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Searching for YOUR Angle…

Falling in Love
After the Wedding Ukraine

Yes, there are many looking for you. They think the same way as you. It is not easy. Honestly? It shouldn’t be easy, as a result, searching for your angel can be filled with excitement or disappointment. It is all about how YOU think. It is important to know something about Ukrainian society, culture, family, education and much more. Knowing something about Ukrainian superstitions, could make the difference between success or failure. Find your angel with simple knowledge.

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One Size Never Fits All…

Lady in Ukraine Wedding
Lady in Ukraine Waiting

Remember, just like every society and culture, one size never fits all, as a result, it is important to set yourself apart from the individuals who assume everything. Separate the way you think from the others. Searching for true love in Ukraine is much different than what you think. Knowing as much as possible about Ukrainian women, will help increase the odds of accomplishing your goals by one thousand percent. It’s sad to meet so many men in Ukraine who have visited many times and are still alone.

Tours and Socials. Don’t Waste Your Money…

Don’t Waste More Time…

True Love Nikolaev Ukraine
Bride and Groom Ukraine

How much life does one need to waste while trying to learn something about a world that is in many ways, completely the opposite of yours. It took me nearly a year to gain the knowledge needed to find Larisa. Not a wasted moment learning about Ukraine and as much as possible about who Ukrainians are and how they think. Don’t waste any more time. Find your angel now.

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Share Your Life With Others…

Women dance in Ukraine
Dance at Ukrainian Wedding

If I had known ten years ago what I know now, I certainly would have increased the odds of accomplishing my goals sooner. The fact that Larisa and I decided to live in Ukraine for the past eleven years, makes us a little different than other couples. We enjoy sharing our life experiences and knowledge.

Bill is From California…
If I had known ten years ago what I know now, I certainly would have increased the odds of accomplishing my goals sooner. The fact that Larisa and I decided to live in Ukraine for the past eleven years, makes us a little different than… Click To Tweet

The Trials and Tribulations…

Married Friends in Ukraine
Ukrainian marriage now

Sharing the trials and tribulations of so many men who have traveled to Ukraine with questions, has made our life very interesting. Foreigners who decide to search for a life partner in Ukraine can achieve their goal much sooner with the experience of others. Larisa and I have helped many couples find each other over the years. These are the men and women who allow us to share our lives and the lives of so many others.

Bill and Larisa First Met Ten Tears Ago…

We Never Planned It This Way…

Larisa Green
Bill and Larisa Green wedding

It was November 2007 when I traveled to Nikolaev for the second time. Larisa and I had discussed our plans about living in Nikolaev. It was important for us to get to know each other before we found our way to California. We have been together ever since. Actually, we had never planned to stay in Nikolaev for this long. We just allowed life to show us what is important in life. Find your angel like I did.

The First Meeting. This is a Must Read!

Daily Lives in Nikolaev…

Married in Nikolaev
Wedding Day Bill and Larisa

Helping others achieve their goals has always been our daily passion. Foreigners searching for their second half. Ukrainian ladies searching for their night in shining armor. Ukrainians searching for a better life through education. This is just a small peek into our daily lives in Nikolaev.

Jim was 67, She wasn’t. Does age matter?

Why Live in Nikolaev Ukraine?…

Larisa marries Bill Green
The Green’s are married

Our language school was founded in November 2008, one year after my arrival. It all started from the desire to help others and the need for income. There was another reason. With the financial crisis in America, it made little sense to go back to start a new life there. With little effort, we were able to see the opportunities here in Nikolaev. Teaching English seemed like a good idea for a number of reasons. It allowed me to study English while teaching it. For me, this is an important key to writing.

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Information and Experience Count…

Signing Legal Document
Legal Wedding Nikolaev Ukraine

Why is it important to speak with us? Simple really. Although our website contains a plethora of information, there are a few facts missing. Actually, there is a lot missing from our website. Information, experience and advice all based on an individuals personal situation and goals. Learn more, find your angel now.

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Increase Your Odds Now…

The information on our site is more about guarding against the challenges and unexpected events that occur with sometimes less than honest people. Our site is also full of helpful general information to help decrease the odds of relationship failure.

Where is Larisa School of English?

Finding Mrs Right isn’t Easy…

If you are truly interested in finding that special woman searching for you, read the information on our site carefully. Searching for a real Ukrainian woman to share the rest of your life with, isn’t easy.

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Sweep Her Off Her Feet Now…

Some men travel to Ukraine thinking that there are thousands of women dying to run from Ukraine. It’s not true. Dating websites want you to believe that Ukrainian women are starving for a foreigner to come and sweep her off her feet. Also, not true.

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She Just Wants to be Happy…

What is true is that there are countless women in Ukraine searching for true love. They are like most men and women. They just want to be loved by a real man. They just want to be happy. A real Ukrainian woman just wants to live her life in peace and harmony.

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Work Hard Respect Life…

Are you the kind of man who understands the needs of a woman? What about a Ukrainian woman? Ukrainian women are special for sure. They understand what life is all about. They work hard and respect life. Ukrainian women love family and celebrations. Our book with all of this information will be released in 2017.

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Nine Years and Counting…

Larisa and I are in a unique position to help others better understand how to create and build a strong foundation to solid relationships. We have helped countless men and women over the past nine plus years.

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No Two People are Alike…

Teaching over 15,000 hours of English during this time has helped me fully understand Ukrainian life from many perspectives. Meeting many men who have traveled to Nikolaev, has also taught us who people are. Remember that no two people are alike. No two people think the same. People are people and one size never fits all.

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Everybody is Different…

If you are searching in Ukraine or online for that special someone, we hope our website helps. When you get to the point when you have decided to live a real life adventure and need some guidance, contact us. We do conference often and help guide you in the right direction based on your individual circumstances.

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Eliminate The Bad, Meet The Good…

Our experience over the years is uncountable. No, we are not a dating agency. No we don’t introduce women. We help better understand how to weed out the unfaithful and dishonest by helping you. We help you better understand what to expect from a real Ukrainian woman. We help you find the woman who is searching for you.

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