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Bill and Larisa first met ten years ago…

Bill and Larisa First Met Ten Years Ago…

Ten days, ten years ago, April 2007. It was an indescribable time for both of us. Sharing every day together was better than a three day pass at Disneyland. Larisa showed me around town and introduced me to her friends. I knew things were getting serious when she agreed to introduce me to her son and parents. Here is a story I wrote a few years ago. It gives an open perspective of our first few days together in Nikolaev. Lots of food and fun.


Peters Red Wine,
Ukraine and a Trip
Through The Countryside…
by Billgreen54

April, 2007, my first journey to Ukraine. A fun and interesting time. Great weather and a firsthand account of Ukrainian culture, complete with smiling faces and many warm, first, hello’s. During my ten day visit, while we made our way around Nikolaev, I was reminded of my hometown. The city where I grew up; just 40 minutes or so, east of San Francisco, California. As I remember it, Richmond, was full of places to shop and live. Houses, old and new, lined the countless quiet streets while thriving businesses took care of customers along the main thoroughfares. That was somewhere between 1953 and 1958.

Larisa is from Ukraine…

Fast Forward 50 Years…

Village Home Ukraine
Ukraine Village Home

Fast-forward about 50 years to 2012 in Nikolaev and the similarities are striking. That first visit to Ukraine, took me back a few years and then some. Maybe, that’s why I felt right at home. During that first visit, Larisa and I, traveled to a small village just on the other side of Kherson. It was her village; the village she had grown up in. The wide variety of crops that filled the countryside reminded me of my home just before deciding to travel around the world. That was my first peek at the real Ukraine.

Bill is From California..

Ukraine Oceans of Yellow…

Sunflower Field Ukraine
Larisa and Sunflower Field

Living near Fresno California from 1996 to 2007 was interesting to say the least. Raising the kids, running a business, taking care of mom and dad were all unforgettable life experiences. The Fresno valley is very similar to much of Ukraine. Endless fields growing everything from grapes to wheat can be seen while traveling the highways. Ukraine is famous for it’s agriculture along with many other industries. It’s a top producer of sunflower and corn oil in this part of the world. The countryside is often filled with oceans of yellow. It’s quite a site to see at the peak of the sunflower growing season.

The First Meeting. This is a Must Read!

Meet The Parents…

Village Street Ukraine
Wagon in Village

Our journey from Nikolaev to Larisa’s village took just over two hours. The highways here can be an adventure, but for the most part, they were drivable at reasonable speeds. As we slowed down coming off the highway, we entered Vinogradova. The streets quickly became smaller and unpaved, all in pretty good shape. As we drove past home after home, I was eager to finally meet Larisa’s parents and son. We were bearing gifts for Vlad; all for football. As we pulled up to her parents home, I was struck by the humble surroundings. I couldn’t wait to meet everyone while I could see that Larisa was more than a little nervous. We had just met face to face for the first time just three days before…

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Red Wine and Tasty Dishes…

Meet The Parents
Meet The Parents

Vlad’s new football and shoes came in handy providing a reason to get to know each other. Kicking the ball up and down the dirt street lasted just long enough for things to settle down in the kitchen. Once the table was set and filled with everything from fish to borscht, Vlad and I made our way to the table. It was filled with all kinds of tasty looking dishes. Some recognizable and a few plates filled with adventure. What to eat? Well, not to worry, there was time to enjoy it all. There was just one little tradition to begin the celebration with first. The toast! No, not bread in a toaster. To toast with a little of Peter’s red wine. Peter was famous for his red wine. He was also known for sharing it with others. He had been producing his infamous red wine for years for all to enjoy. It was quite tasty and Peter was more than generous even though we forgot to share with the others. It was more like, the others needed to control the situation rather than join the contest before taking the first bite.

Seven Point English Student Assessment…

Peters Smile and The Last Drop…

Can you imagine what Peter was thinking? Here was his little girl who brought this guy home from the other side of the planet. What was she thinking? More importantly, what was going through Peters mind? There wasn’t time to ask too many questions. Just a few seconds to pour the first glasses of wine. One for Luda, a little for Vlad, some for Larisa and no room to spare for Peter and I. Glasses sitting on the table and forks in hand, Peter slowly raised his glass, said a few words and gave me a stare with a smile. Not sure what he said but, it was as warm as can be. And with that, Peter continued his stare and smile with glass at the starting line. The next few seconds went by in the blink of an eye. As Peter began to down the wine, so did I. Both staring at each other while savoring the last drop.

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Down to The Last Drop…

Glasses on the table with speechless company to my left and right, Peter brought our glasses to the brim with his tasty home brew. Without a second to lose, We went for our glasses. Once they neared their final approach, down they went. No words. No toast. Just “Over the lips, past the gums, look out stomach, here it comes! Frantically and cautiously together, I grabbed for the nearest something to eat. I hadn’t eaten for some hours. Fish, bread, borscht. everything close enough to grab went down the hatch. With no time to lose, Peter poured another. Thank heavens my prayers were answered, Peter emptied every last drop from that bottle. While the onlookers weren’t amused, they weren’t surprised either. Although I was a guest in their house, they understood Peter explicitly. I understood the power of a Ukrainian woman’s eyes when Peter grabbed the bottle for a refill. One look from Luda and it was clear, we had had enough fun. Welcome to Ukraine!

Jim was 67, She wasn’t. Does age matter?

Just One of The Boys…

Here I am, in the home of a woman I was just getting to really know and all I could think about was competing at the dinner table. Thankfully, Larisa saved the tongue lashing for the trip back home. The only person amused besides me was the driver. I suppose it was our first relationship test. Of course, I apologized for wanting to be one of the boys. We both agreed that future celebrations would be kept to a quiet roar and alcohol consumption would be strictly monitored. Was it a good idea to have too much fun at the home of my sweethearts parents? Lets just say that I am lucky to have an understanding wife and extremely fortunate to be understood…

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Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.

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Larisa is from Ukraine

Larisa is From Ukraine…

Born and raised in Ukraine in a village in the Kherson region, Larisa is an only child but, never alone. Her mother and father raised her to be strong and independent. Her grandparents gave her family and wisdom. Growing up in Ukraine has never been easy but, for many before 1989, life was considered good. Job security, a place to live, land to farm. Life wasn’t so bad. The 90’s was a much different time. More about Larisa in our book to be published in 2017.


Larisa Green Kiev
Larisa Green Kiev

Larisa started her search by signing up on a dating website in early December 2006 just weeks before we met on the Internet. Thankfully, she agreed to chat with me after my first “Hello”. That was mid December just after my return from Russia. Over the next few months, Larisa and I communicated on a paid dating site daily with few exceptions. We discussed many parts of our lives. The more we wrote to each other, the more we understood there was something special between us. Impossible to explain even today. I just know that whatever force allowed us to find each other was like magic. Looking back at that time, there were many elements that fell into place. To fully understand what we were doing with our long distance friendship wasn’t easy. We just let life guide us knowing everything would be okay.

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The First Phone Hello…

It was mid March 2007 when we decided it might be a good time to speak with each other by phone. Just one small problem; we didn’t speak the same language. The good thing was that, language difference didn’t matter. Just listening to the others voice would be a great start to a future relationship. We spoke to each other for the first time by phone with the help of a lady that spoke a little English. It was just enough to help us say hello to each other. Actually, saying hello was the easy part. My “How are you?” and her “Giggle” was enough to seal the deal. I knew I needed to get on a plane and meet Larisa in person.

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The First Handshake…

Just weeks later, I made my way to Odessa Ukraine. Larisa was standing in the lobby with a look I will never forget. Can you imagine a Ukrainian woman with the look of fear written all over her face? Ukrainian women are taught from birth to be strong and serious with a twist or two and a special smile… They need to be strong and focused. It’s what Ukrainian society is all about. Well, more about that in our book. I can just tell you that after a quick handshake and a peck on the cheek, Larisa smiled and I followed. We found our way to the taxi parked just outside the entrance. The taxi driver was polite and accommodating.

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The First Trip Together…

Larisa and I jumped into the back seat of Vadim’s black sedan and off we went. Interpreter in the front seat and Vadim navigating through traffic. The two hour drive felt about as long as a heartbeat. Larisa and I passed the electronic translator back and forth the entire trip to Nikolaev. The interpreter riding shotgun, hardly spoke two words. She spent most of the trip on her phone. Larisa and I were able to understand each other even though we didn’t speak the same language. In fact, except for that two hour ride, we have never used the services of an interpreter. We just knew that there was something special about our ability to understand each other without language.

Those Beautiful Sad Eyes…

As we drove through Nikolaev, I felt right at home. It was an odd feeling but comfortable. Vadim pulled up to the apartment building where I had rented a one bedroom flat for the next ten days. As we entered the flat, Larisa seemed a little nervous. I paid the interpreter and off she went. I told her that we wouldn’t be needing her services any longer. Larisa sat on the sofa and I made my way to the bathroom. After a quick shave and a splash of cologne, I stepped into the front room to find Larisa looking up at me with beautiful sad eyes. As I walked up to her, she handed over the translator. I sat down beside her and read her translated words.

I Don’t Speak English…

I will never forget those words. It was to be the beginning of something special. While reading Larisa’s message, I realized there was no looking back. Just look into the future and understand that everything will be okay. Her message read “I don’t think this is a good idea, I don’t speak English”. Having just traveled around the globe to meet this special woman, I had just one thought for her. “Life is an adventure, let’s go”. She smiled and we went for a long walk. It has been ten years since we first met. We couldn’t be happier. Our book will be out in 2017. We will share the last ten years of our life. Our hope is to inspire others and to share our life with you.

We hope you find our articles and stories interesting and useful. Our goal is to help others understand that there is a way to improve your odds of finding that special someone.

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Bill is from America

Bill is From America…

It was December 2006, just returned to America from Saint Petersburg Russia after a ten day stay. My time there was exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. Meeting an English teacher in Russia was definitely a first for me. Teaching three kid’s English in that big city, was an experience I will never forget.

Six Ladies…

Over those ten days, I had the pleasure of meeting six ladies. Although, they were all interesting, there was no chemistry. A psychologist, a dentist, a skating instructor, a housewife, a baby doctor and an English teacher. Interesting for sure, just no chemistry. My journey back home was uneventful. Just a long trip. A lot to think about for sure. I had no idea that I would make Nikolaev Ukraine my home someday.


Billgreen54 Nikolaev Ukraine
Billgreen54 in Kiev Ukraine

Jet lag and the time difference was a real challenge but, after a good nights sleep and self reflection, I continued my search. I knew there was someone searching for me. You know… Two ships passing in the night? I knew that if I stopped searching, it would be impossible for her to find me. I knew she was out there somewhere. My angel was waiting for me. Sounds crazy, right? You wouldn’t think that way if you knew Larisa… She was in fact, waiting for me to offer up the first hello. She didn’t know it was me she was searching for and … well… I had no idea who or where my angel was either. I just knew that I couldn’t give up. Can you imagine she was waiting for me in Nikolaev Ukraine all this time. Without continuing my search, we would have never found each other.

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My Journey to Russia…

Before my journey to Russia, I had devised a way to help weed out the good from the not so good. That took me nearly a year. A year of daily communication with ladies all over the Internet. My journey started in early 2006. No, it didn’t start with a Russian dating web site. Quite the opposite was true. It started with the idea of searching for a real woman that would understand me, love me through thick and thin until death do us part… Isn’t that how it is supposed to be? Of course, I would do the same for her. Oh, and don’t forget to toss in that communication thing with a little compromise as well.

First ten do’s and dont’s

Where is Nikolaev Ukraine?…

That takes me back to how all this started. You know… How I ended up living in Nikolaev Ukraine with my angel; The most beautiful woman in the world. It all started soon after New Years 2006. Wanting to start the new year out right, my new years resolution was to lose a little weight, get fit, meet an angel, fall in love and… well you know the rest… I did what most do these days, I signed up on a few dating web sites. E-Harmony, and For everyone who has searched for your other half over the Internet, hard work, lot’s of letters and my handsome looks. That was all I needed to get back into the dating scene. Who knows what might happen after that?

The First Meeting… A Must Read!

The Letter from New York…

Just weeks after signing up on all those websites, I received an email from a nice lady in New York. Can you imagine? Me from California and this nice lady from the other side of the country? Her letter was short. Something like “Hello, my name is Natasha, I am from New York, would you like to communicate?” At first glance, the thought of long distance communication, travel, expense and and and, was enough for me to forget about the letter. However, being the adventurous kind of guy that I am, I decided to write her back and say hello. What the heck? What did I have to lose?

No Charm The Third Time…

A day or so later, I received a reply from my new friend in New York. The letter was short and surprising all at the same time. The letter said something like this… “Thank you for writing me. I want to tell you that my best friend helped me write my profile and she made a small mistake. I am not from New York, I am from Russia!” Oh boy? Sounded a little crazy to me. I wrote her back asking for a phone number to help me verify where she was from. A reply was never received. Strange that someone from Russia would send me a letter. Not giving it a second thought. I forgot about the letter and continued writing the other ladies. All from California. I dated two ladies once and one lady three times. No chemistry and few prospects. It was still early 2006 and lady luck was not on my side. I wasn’t in a hurry. I just knew I was tired of being alone.

Lot’s of Pretty Photos…

It was nearly March 2006 when a revelation struck me. Working away at my desk, out of the blue, a thought crossed my mind. What about Russia? At first, I thought the idea of even thinking about a woman on the other side of the planet was just plain crazy. What about travel? Language? Age? Culture? Those and about a million other rational thoughts went through my mind. Without much thought beyond reality, my fingers typed the words “Russian woman” on the keyboard.

Photo’s Photo’s Photo’s…

Sending me to a plethora of Russian dating sites. I thought “Oh my god! What is this?” I had no idea there were so many sites with Russian women. Overwhelming didn’t come close to what was going through my mind. No, it wasn’t the pretty photos that got me excited. It was the sheer numbers of websites and the thousands of profiles. Nikolaev Ukraine was the last place on earth I would have thought about living.

The Last Ten Years…

Over the next few days and after a lot of research, I signed up on a Russian dating site. The months that followed led me to my trip to Russia. That’s what led me to the first hello. The entire story is in our book to be published in 2017. All I can tell you today is that we found each other worlds away. We live a great life in Nikolaiv Ukraine. Our marriage has flourished beyond our dreams. The last ten years has been a real life adventure.

Thanks for visiting our website. We hope you find it informative and entertaining. We are always happy to share our life with new friends here in Nikolaev Ukraine. Good luck with your search. Don’t forget “Life is an adventure, Live it to the fullest everyday!

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Tommy and One Bad Apple….

Tommy and One Bad Apple…

Update!!! One Bad Apple 2016… It was over seven years ago. This article was written to help men understand that when a relationship fails, there was never a relationship. Tommy is in his 40’s. He is still alone. He has never married. He still sends threatening letters to Elena and her family. Elena is happily married to a decent Ukrainian man. In 2015, Elena wrote me asking if I would ask Tommy to stop harassing her and her family; I did. This year (2016) she sent me an email telling me that Tommy continues to send threatening letters to her and her family. Tommy works for The United States Government.

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One Bad Apple
One Bad apple in Nikolaev Ukraine

Over the past nine years, Bill and Larisa have helped hundreds better understand cross cultural relationships. One bad apple can ruin the entire bunch.

This is a letter I wrote to Tommy. A friend we helped to determine if the woman he was communicating with was honest. Over time and after teaching her English, Elena demonstrated her intentions to Tommy. Tommy was an interesting person.

I remember him telling me that he would be ruthless to Elena if she turned out to be lying. Sadly, she was living a lie for months while they communicated. Once Tommy traveled to Ukraine to meet her, he could clearly see her intentions. One bad apple is rotten.

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She is typical of girls at agencies getting paid big bucks to lie and steal from nice guys just searching for a real woman. Elena lured Tommy to Ukraine by making promises she had no intention of keeping.

Tommy was relentless. After he went back to the USA, he sent letters to all her neighbors, telling them where she worked and what she did to make money. Elena also scammed the website and agency she had gone to. This is another trick girls play on foreigners everyday in Ukraine. This girl actually stole from the people paying her salary to scam men who came to meet her. Clearly, one bad apple.

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Hi Tommy,

I fully agree with you that it’s a great feeling to know that Elena is paying the price for what she did. As far as we can see, she’s not working at any agency or scamming anyone now. We’ll continue to keep our eyes open for Elena’s behavior at all the web sites we track for clients.

Tommy….. I think what’s important now is for you to move on. I’ve seen too many men come to Nikolaev, get scammed and continue to dwell on her and what happened for months on end. I realize how easy it is for this to consume a person. We get to see it first hand just about everyday in Nikolaev.

The bigger problem is what it’s doing to you, not….what you’ve accomplished by getting even. The longer you make her pay, the more time wasted for you. If you continue to spend time going after her, each day will force your life to stand still. You need to live your life, not hers. You need to take the knowledge you’ve learned and use it to help you with your search for a real woman.

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It should be obvious that her parents and family will stand with her long before they will with you, no matter what she did. Sending her parents letters makes a statement and it has made her look bad, without question. You did what you wanted to do, you embarrassed her in the eyes of her family. She’ll be paying the price for a very long time. The best thing any man can do after being scammed, is to do his utmost to embarrass a girl in the eyes of her family and get her tossed off all web sites.

Since you got her kicked off all the web sites, she has no job. You’ve stopped her from scamming someone else, at least for the moment. Now it is time to move on. One bad apple is enough.

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You’ve taken the time to do many of the same things to Elena as she did to you. She stole your money. She wasted your time. She lied to you repeatedly. She brought you to Ukraine under false pretenses. She tried her best to scam you while you were in Nikolaev. She lied to the marriage agency and didn’t tell them that she was meeting you. She used a friend to act as the interpreter so she could scam you and stop the agency from making any money. She lied to you when she said she had to go home, but she was actually online at Dream and who knows what other web sites scamming, scamming and scamming. All the time, making you waste your time just sitting at your flat waiting for her to meet with you. One bad apple has paid a hefty price.

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There’s no question this girl is rotten. She has no moral ethics, she’s not honest at any level. She’s not afraid to steal from the marriage agency where she was working in chat. She wasn’t afraid to ask you to buy her gifts while you were in Nikolaev. She screamed at you over the phone telling you to give her money. She lied to you about not speaking English and on and on and on.

Sadly, this story is more the norm than the exception. Good girls just don’t go to marriage agencies any longer. For all of them, it’s just a job. I hope something I said helped and that you move on to find the woman searching for you. I can tell you that there are many serious, honest women in Nikolaev searching for a real man. You just need to know how to pick through the bad apples.

Study Russian online. First lesson is always free.

Mr. Green has assisted clients searching for someone to share their lives and dreams with, for nine years. While living in Ukraine during this time, Mr. Green has met and consulted with countless men and women. During this time Bill and Larisa have helped many couples better understand the elements of building a successful cross cultural relationship. Mr. Green shares his thoughts and experiences with the hope that you find value and success in accomplishing your life goals.

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Searching for Love in Nikolaev Ukraine.

Searching for Love in Nikolaev Ukraine…

The following is from a friend who wanted to share a few thoughts about where he is in his virtual relationship. Searching for love is never easy. Remember that a real Ukrainian woman will never ask for anything, but your heart… And you will have to earn every ounce of hers……… Enjoy!

Searching for Love
Searching for Love in Nikolaev

Hi Bill,

Reading all this is nothing new after what I experienced and what you told me when I was there, but, after thinking about it, I wonder why someone would want to go to such a mine field to find someone honest ???

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Western Union Money Back…

Funny enough’, after I told the girl to send the money back by Western Union, she did not bring up that issue anymore but she writes to me almost everyday one sentence long email such as ‘I want you, I miss you, I love you …’ …

I tested her to say that next time she will be visiting me (hence no more ‘my mom is sick’ or ‘i am busy’), she says yes but she always mentions that she is worried about the cost of the visa … so I guess she is slowly patiently waiting the right time to ask for more money for the trip and visa …

It makes me smile now !

Thanks again for all your help,

Hi JR,

That’s a good question……. Why do people think it’s possible to find someone to love anywhere and why overseas? I’m not sure really. I think it’s different for everyone. I think the key for success in accomplishing a persons goals is always education first. A little luck might also play a role in a persons ability to find a life partner.

Contact Bill today for your private conference.

Love and Limits…

Life just led me here to Nikolaev. I suppose searching for someone to love anywhere in the world is kinda like gambling or running hap-haphazardly through that mine field. Searching for love is limitless. Most men and women searching for someone to share their life with, put limits on themselves considering time, money spent, distance and more. I didn’t worry too much about any of these details. Of coarse, life can get complicated for anyone from time to time. Taking care of Mom, Dad and the kids for some years was my reason for not having time for me.

Searching for Love? Contact Bill for answers.

Ukrainian Last Resort…

It’s also possible that some men consider a relationship with a woman overseas because it’s a last resort. I think it’s particularly true for men who are in their 40’s and beyond that have never been married. I meet many men here who are even in their 30’s who have never taken the plunge. Sadly, many of these men are single for good reason. More stuff to write about later.

Schedule a private conference anytime with Bill.

The End of The Tunnel…

This all gets back to the eternal quest for love. Although many men and women will say they are perfectly happy alone, for many, that thought changes as we get older. I think when we get past 50, we are looking closer into the darkness at the end of the tunnel as opposed to that flickering light of hope to live our life to the fullest.

Searching for Love requires passion.

As far as the honesty factor goes. A real Ukrainian woman can’t lie. For the women past the age of twenty five or so, that haven’t turned to the dark side for money and fancy things, they know what kind of damage is created by distrust and lying.

Life is an Adventure! Live it…

For Ukrainian men, it’s just the opposite. There is more to that story. In the past ten years, Larisa has never lied to me. I know it for sure. She has told me many times, she can’t lie. It is absolutely true that since meeting Larisa, she has always been honest with me and others around her. This is one of the many cultural parts of a real Ukrainian woman that I’ve witnessed many times working and socializing in many different situations in Nikolaev.

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A Decade Ago…

By the way, in the early stages of my correspondence with the ladies, I too, gave money a couple of times thinking a girl was in dire need of some help. I think it’s part of the process searching for someone to love anywhere in the world. That was over ten years ago and that same girl is still online everyday in chat at several paid web sites. I’m sure she is still asking for and getting money from many unsuspecting men around the world. Thank heavens Larisa and I found each other.

As always, thanks for your thoughts.

Best regards,

JR’s reply…

Thanks Bill for sharing your thoughts,

You just give me THE reason to keep searching in that Ukraine mine field, ie finding a woman who can’t tell a lie, a honest and loving person you can trust and build a relationship with. That is what I have always been looking for, and never found anywhere.

Don’t be kind with me, I know I have been stupid, it’s part of the learning process, about Ukraine but also about myself, I am a positive and trustful guy, so it was bound to happen.

Have a great week

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A Conference with Billgreen54…

A conference is one hour but may go longer time permitting. You pay just $50USD for a one hour conference with Bill. A bargain for ten years experience. A conference with Bill and Larisa is just $75USD.

Conference with Billgreen54

Why not ask both Bill and Larisa all your questions?

Payments can be made with PayPal or credit card. It’s easy!


One conference will save you thousands in cash and years of frustration living alone.

Tommy and One Bad Apple Story.

The Past Decade…

Have your questions ready. Bill will answer all. He will share his life experiences on international dating since he began his search for Larisa. They have been together since December 2006.

Married and living in Nikolaev for the past nine years, they are always happy to share their life with you.

Are you curious about why you get letters by the hundreds in your In-box? Have you ever wondered who actually writes the letters? Did you know most of the time, the lady in the photo isn’t who you think she is? Should you meet more than one woman face to face? How should you meet? What should you do to make a good first impression? Does language difference really matter?

Ten simple facts you should know.

Apartment Rental Cheap…

Would you like to learn Ten never revealed steps to help you determine a woman’s true intentions and increase your odds of finding true love? Bill will share his secrets with you. Secrets learned from thousands over the past ten years.

Did you know that you can live a great life for less than $400USD a month in Ukraine? Renting a flat can cost as little as $100USD a month. Stop wasting time trying to figure out all of this alone.

The First Meeting. This will help too.

The Past Ten Years…

Knowledge is power. Education is essential to accomplish goals of every kind. We will help you find your place in life.

Let Bill and Larisa share their lives and the past ten years with you. Discover how to make a living in a foreign country with the woman of your dreams. Bill and Larisa have helped many men and women with our private exclusive services.

Learn what it takes to build businesses in Ukraine. Find out how reasonably you can live in Nikolaev.

Mr. Green has been conducting informational conferences with clients from around the world for the past nine years.

Bill and Larisa have helped thousands understand the ins and outs of Cross Cultural relationships. They found each other on a popular paid website ten years ago.

Over the past nine years, Bill and Larisa have founded two language schools in Nikolaev Ukraine where they live and work.

Bill and Larisa have expanded their school and facilities five times since opening in November 2008. Larisa English Ukraine has ten classrooms and a theater that accommodates 50. All located on Sovietskaya (Sobordna) and Shevchenko 63 downtown Nikolaev Ukraine.

Students study languages online from around the world. Larisa School of Language has become the most popular private language school in Nikolaev Ukraine.

They have helped many couples come together and get through the rough spots while developing a loving, lasting relationship. Bill is from California and Larisa is from Ukraine.

Bill and Larisa have personally met hundreds of men face to face in Nikolaev and online over the years. They have shared their relationship experiences along with just about every detail imaginable.

Bill and Larisa have helped many men confirm the integrity and honesty of thousands of women in Nikolaev Ukraine.

Conferences are; Ask, Answer, Ask. Mr Green conducts conferences by Skype and from his offices in Nikolaev, Ukraine. If requested Larisa will attend the conference as well.

Contact Mr. Green to schedule a conference…
Please tell him what time is best for you and what city and country you live in. Payments can be made to PayPal, Credit Card, MoneyBookers, Western Union, MoneyGram or cash. We have helped clients all over the world. Please allow them to share the past ten years with you.

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Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.


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The First Meeting

The First Meeting…

For the Man… Thoughts and Perspectives…

The First Meeting is the most important article I have ever written. It is also the most read of all my articles written over the past nine years. Read it carefully and increase your odds of creating a real relationship dramatically. The first time you actually come and meet a lady in a foreign land, what should you plan for?. What should you expect? How should you act? What should you say?

Getting to know each other
Sitting on a Park Bench

How do you speak to her in another language? Should you meet her alone or with a friend or interpreter? Should I show her photos of my stuff? Should I give her an expensive gift? What should we do together at the first meeting? What kind of flowers would she like? The first time we meet, should we kiss, shake hands or hug? And last…… Confusing emotions and feelings with words before we meet face to face…….. There are too many subjects to try and cover here including culture, table manners, superstitions, drinking alcohol, which hand to toast with and why, who should pour, what not to do, meeting her family, offensive statements, joking, teasing and more. Be very careful in these areas of conduct. They can cause a great deal of misunderstanding and more.

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Knowledge Builds Strength and Confidence…

Holding hands meeting
Holding hands Nikolaev Ukraine

There are many questions and uncertainties the very first time you meet any woman face to face, but that first hello with a woman born and raised in Ukraine will truly be a life experience you won’t forget. Here is this pretty girl who you’ve written to, spoke to on the phone, chatted with, watched each other on video, sent text messages and more……… Finally, you found the time and reason to come and visit a woman in a foreign land. For the men who are doing this for this first time, it can be a real Life Adventure! But, like anything else that we do in life, there are a few details to know beforehand to help make your adventure a success. Empower yourself with knowledge and you will learn that anything in life is possible……..

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Establishing Honesty in Not An Option…

Essential communication
Communication is essential

As in any relationship; personal or business, a foundation of honesty needs to be established. This applies to both men and women. If you’re communicating with a woman over the Internet living just down the street or around the world, determining a persons honesty is just about impossible. Trust and honesty are earned by actions and deeds with a great deal of time. Sometimes years, sometimes minutes. Communicating on the Internet with trust takes a gigantic leap of faith in the person you are communicating with. It’s the same for the first meeting and the days that follow for both of you. The need to establish honesty and trust is not an option. It’s the difference between success and failure in everything we do.

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The First Meeting Ten Years Ago…

Bill and Larisa Green Nikolaev
Bill and Larisa having dinner

The thoughts you are about to read are from my experiences in life spanning 63 years. I will also share the experiences of many others who write me daily and meet us in person in Nikolaev, Ukraine. It was over ten years ago when I decided to begin searching for the woman of my dreams; thank God she found me! Her name is Larisa. We live life to the fullest while we enjoy each day together teaching English and helping friends around the world. After we met on the Internet and communicated for 4 months, we met face to face at the Odessa airport in April, 2007. I remember that first meeting like it was minutes ago. If I could go back in time, I would only wish that I knew then, what I know today…..

The First Meeting Might be The Last…

Conversation is Ask, Answer and Ask…

Bill and Larisa Classroom
Bill and Larisa at school

The first time you meet face to face, just be yourself. Don’t worry about anything but what you want to say. Keep it simple and plan to just find a level of comfort as you both make eye contact and get to know each other. The lady you are coming to meet will be nervous, just like you. She will be just as concerned, worried and nervous as you. That’s a good thing. Try to stay away from subjects that are too complicated. Save that for another day. Think about subjects you both have in common. Ask, answer and ask. I teach conversation skills everyday to students learning English. As you ask and she answers, listen to her answers and choose a few key word subjects. Again, ask, answer and ask. It’s also a good idea to write yourself a few thoughts about what you might discuss. Subjects like the movies, food, travel and jobs are probably something you discussed or wrote about before you met in person. Ask about things to do in her city. What are the sights she has never had the chance to see or visit?

Conversation Should be 50/50 at The First Meeting…

Now the Clock Starts Over…

Communication Nikolaev Ukraine
Long distance communication

Be very aware of physical contact and her reaction. You two have just met for the first time and even simple things like holding hands might feel awkward. Remember that getting to know someone takes time. It’s possible to have that chemistry from the very beginning, but the odds are that real chemistry will not materialize the first day or two. You will both be getting to know each other little by little. Don’t be in a hurry to prove anything. The first few days is a time for both of you to get to learn each other. The fact that you both met and communicated long distance might mean very little when you actually meet in person. Communicating from a distance is a way to get to know some things about each other, but it’s impossible to actually get to know the other as a person until you meet face to face and spend time together. The reality is that when two people meet in person even after communicating long distance for months, THE CLOCK STARTS OVER!

Let her reach for your hand first…

Language Difference, It’s not that tough…

Language Translation Nikolaev
Language Translator Device

Language difference can be a hindrance or a good thing. Look at it like the glass is halfway full instead of halfway empty. Consider the fact that many couples who speak the same language can’t communicate and struggle to find common ground daily. Consider that most divorces begin and end with poor communication. Sharing your thoughts, feelings and more with a woman who speaks another language, can be a real life adventure if you let it. Larisa and I didn’t speak the same language when we first met. We both decided to learn each others language although Larisa is way ahead of me on that one. Trust me, learning Russian will be the second toughest thing you will ever do. We have never used an Interpreter. From the start, Larisa and I agreed that we would use an Electronic Translator to help us communicate. There is a lot more to this. Just remember that it takes two to Tango and two to have a conversation that makes sense. Take one step at a time and you will soon speak the same language.

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Finally, The First Meeting…

Dating sites Nikolaev UKraine
Dating websites Ukraine

Meeting face to face for the very first time should be done with an Interpreter or a friend of the lady you are meeting. This is for many reasons. Just remember that after the first meeting, both of you can decide to meet alone or with help. If you meet alone, it’s a good idea to use an Electronic Translator and have a phone handy to contact a friend just in case something needs clarification. If you do need an Interpreter, just remember to speak directly to the lady you came to meet, not directly to the Interpreter. Many men and women make the mistake of speaking to the Interpreter and telling her to tell the other what I said sort of routine. A good Interpreter will give you instructions before you have too much to say and translate exactly what you are trying to say. There are occasions where the Interpreter will offer advice to you. This is OK as long as it is limited in time and scope.

English Teacher Qualification Course

Photos and The First Gift……

Gift Delivery Nikolaev Ukraine
Flowers and Gifts Nikolaev

Meeting a woman for the first time will give you both plenty to discuss. Leave the photos at home or your hotel room. A real woman will just want to get to know you for who you are, not what you own. Showing off your home and automobiles will often send a mixed signal to the lady. She might think you are bragging or trying to convince her that you have stuff that she might like instead of just liking you. Often, a woman can be resentful and feel inferior to you because you have a lot of things that she doesn’t. If you decide to show her your stuff anyway, do it later down the road and definitely, not the first time you meet. Gifts should always be simple and inexpensive. A gift with a maximum value of about twenty dollars or so, like a souvenir from home, possibly a pair of earrings should do the trick. It’s not what you give her, it’s the fact that you remembered her.

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Flowers and A Box of Chocolates…

Send chocolates with flowers
Chocolates and Flowers Nikolaev

Giving her flowers and a box of chocolates is also a great way to show you care for that first meeting. Remember that a simple box of chocolates from your hometown will most likely be something new to her. Flowers can also be a nice way to say hello for the first time. Any flowers would be nice, but roses are usually the flowers of choice. Three or five would be a good number to start with, red or pink is fine. Remember to always give odd numbers. Even numbered bouquets symbolize death or a funeral. One red rose is fine after you have met a few times and you both know there is chemistry between you. One red rose symbolizes love, so only give her one rose if you are sure she is the one.

Larisa is from Ukraine…

Pleased to meet you…

Coffee or tea Nikolaev Ukraine
Enjoy time with your friend

Meeting for the first time should be respectful and sincere. In most cases, a simple handshake and hello is the best way to introduce yourself for the first time. Do not over do it by insisting on a kiss or hug the very first time. If you’ve communicated for some time before you met her face to face, often a person can have feelings or emotions that somehow seem real. This can be the first indication that you are one of the lucky ones or your sixth sense just kicked in. It’s best to reserve any emotions or feelings that you might have. Take it slow and if both of you make it past the first meeting, anything is possible.

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Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.

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Sadly, Most Men Fail at Meeting a Real Woman in Ukraine

A Few Things You Should Know…

For all those men who consider traveling to Ukraine plan on meeting a real woman for the first time, BEWARE. There are at least 100 things you should know before considering a trip to Ukraine with the thought of meeting a real woman for the first time. Here are just a few.

Jim was 67, She wasn’t. Does age matter?

Truth about Age Difference…

Who is man's best friend?
Man’s Best Friend

The average age difference of a foreign man and a woman from Ukraine that actually do develop a relationship that ends in marriage is 9 years, not 20, 30 or 40. Most men think that because this is Ukraine, age doesn’t matter. This could not be further from the truth. Actually, most Ukrainian women marry a man near her age. Never trust anyone telling you that age never matters. They are terribly misinformed.

The First Meeting. This is a Must Read!

Ninety Nine Percent Fail…

Different man Nikolaev Ukraine
Odd Man Out Nikolaev

Ninety nine percent of the men who actually travel to Ukraine to meet a Ukrainian woman he thought he had some kind of relationship with fail to create and develop an honest relationship. This is always due to a lack of education and most men being too trusting and naive. You can increase your odds of success by educating yourself and learning how to succeed. Meeting a real woman is possible with the right attitude and knowledge.

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Communicate by Phone Beforehand…

Talk by Phone
Phone Conversation First

No man should ever travel to Ukraine to meet a woman he has met online before communicating with her by phone, personal emails and more. Many men travel to Ukraine to meet a woman he thought was real. The fact is that Larisa and I have met hundreds of men who met a woman that had never heard of him. They discover that the agency communicated with the man without telling the woman in the pretty picture. There are ways to avoid this. Meeting a real woman for the first time should only be done after communicating in a verifiable way.

Tours and Socials. Don’t Waste Your Money…

Are You One of The Normal Guys?…

American in Nikolaev Ukraine
Normal American Guy

Ninety two point five percent or so of the men who travel to Ukraine to meet a woman are abnormal, dysfunctional in some way, flat outright ugly or just plain stupid. As rude and to the point as this statement is, it is true. It’s is sad and unfortunate. Most of these men believe they are in love or they have a serious relationship before ever meeting a lady. This is a fantasy. You can only develop a real relationship after meeting face to face. I have met many men in Nikolaev who have stated that they were in love before ever meeting a lady. This is not normal for sure. Set yourself apart. Don’t do all the things the abnormal guys do.

Bill and Larisa First Met Ten Tears Ago…

Meeting a Real Woman…

Wedding Day Ukraine
Ukrainian Wedding Day After

Most men who travel to Ukraine, fail at developing an honest relationship. Sadly, this can be avoided with a little education. Real men never touch a Ukrainian woman first. Strange odd men, just want to touch and feel. Most of the men who travel to Ukraine are searching for eye candy. They usually follow the same pattern. Sit close, hug and kiss. This is just plain dumb. Friends first, lovers later. Wait for the woman to hold your hand first. Schedule a conference and I will tell you more about touching and feeling a Ukrainian woman.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Schedule a Conference with Bill…

It’s Okay to Ask For Help…

If you are considering a holiday to Ukraine for the purpose of creating a relationship with Mrs Right, NEVER, NEVER DO IT ALONE. Ask for help. I mean, NEVER! The first problem a man has when he travels around the world to meet a woman for the first time is… Sleep deprivation…. Your body clock is completely backwards. Often, men don’t think clearly. After you get rid of the jet lag, things get more real. The main problem here is that most men come to Nikolaev for a ten day stay. This is just long enough to wake up and then travel back home. You need someone to share a few thoughts with. Meeting a real woman will give you a chance to create and develop a real relationship.

Bill is From California…

Never Give Cash To New Friend…

Remember, love is blind, keep your wallet closed and your eyes wide open when coming to Ukraine to meet a woman. Most of the women you meet through tours and socials or meet and greets are not honest. They are just looking for some extra cash. Most women found online are working girls. They get paid to communicate with you in many ways. This includes chat, video chat, letter writing, meeting you and more. All gifts ordered through an agency are never delivered. They are exchanged for cash. Everyone takes a cut, the website, agency and lady you think you are communicating with. Never, Never send gifts through a dating site or agency. Never trust a photo sent to you.

Do You Speak English?

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Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.

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Meeting a Ukrainian Woman Online… John’s Letter with Answers….

John’s Letter with Answers…

Receiving and answering letters daily takes a lot of time and effort. These days, I can’t reply to every letter but, I try to answer the most important letters sent to me. This letter from John was sent a few years ago but, it is still pertinent. Take some time and read John’s letter with answers. Enjoy!


I have been reading your website for about 4 hours now and have found a lot of good information. I do have a request for services, but I want to also give you the story of why I would like to use your translator service! Please feel free to post it on your forum.

Lonely American Man
Average American Man

Well I am a 40 year old man and not bad looking with a good job. I have found that the women in the US have lost all traditional values among other things. Well I am newly divorced but was separated for a very long time. I wanted to get back into dating and was not looking for women more than 50 miles from where I live!

Conferences Scheduled Here…

John’s Letter, Answers and Solutions…

I joined several dating sites with no luck. In that time I found that a lot of women from outside of the USA use locations from the US as there home listing on dating sites. Please let your readers be aware of this!

Well, in my search I got contacted by one of my match’s (Not on Match dot com) and she is from Nikolaev Ukraine. I didn’t think much of it and did a short reply about her being real! Well after about a month of emailing though the dating site we decided to see where things could go between us. So we closed our dating sites to see where things will go!

I want to remind your readers that education is the key to being safe when talking to and dating girls from out of the country. During our time on the dating site I started to research all I could about dating outside of the USA. I started to learn as much as I could about the Ukraine culture!

I do not speak Russian and she speaks no English, but I am taking Russian courses! I have only made a few small mistakes in communicating with her but only because I educated myself before hand! If I would have not done my home work I would have made some big mistakes. I may not have been writing this today!

We are now in a committed relationship on-line which takes a level of trust that I can not even describe! I even sent her a camera (yes a gift over $20) and said it was ours not hers so she could take pictures of her life to share with me! I have also sent her flowers the first time was on Women’s day this year and one rose last week.

Now when you use a service to send gifts let your readers know that the easiest way to prove who you are talking to, is to have the gift delivered with picture or video taken on delivery! This was the proof that I got to know who I was talking to, just to protect myself. We also Skype about every three weeks, so I know who I am talking to and am going to meet.

Things have been going really well and I believe that good things can come form this relationship, and I feel she feels the same way. We do have an age difference, she is 28 and I am 40, but my rule of thumb is this ((AGE/2)+7) which may not work for everyone but it does work well from age 21 and up! Well through our communications we started to talk about me going to visit her, and after some research on cost she actually encourage me to not come, as to not spend the money!

I explained to her that the cost of dating a woman in the USA would add up to the trip cost over time so the cost didn’t bother me! She was OK with this and we set up a time frame that works best for her and her work! She is a Nurse in a state hospital in Nikolaev. Well I now have the plane tickets in hand and will be visiting for 9 days in August! Wish us luck, because I feel it will be and adventure!

So I will be arriving to my apartment on August 12th 2012 and would like to have a translator for a good part of the day on August 13th 2012 as long as her day off stays a day off, but you know how it goes with hours and state hospitals!

I feel it would be a good thing for the first meet and just to spend time getting to know one another looking around the city! If all goes well then to dinner with the interpreter as well. I do have an iPhone and have a really great app that I feel will be perfect for the rest of my time there!

We are only planning one night out and the other times we will be cooking in and by weeks end if she feels the same as she does now a dinner at her Granny’s house and one at her brothers house. I also would like to visit your school on the main street while there and in the future may look to other services offered by you for her! I am a Information Technology manager so who knows I may not want to leave and get a job there!

Thank You

My Response to John…

Hi John,
Thanks for writing.

I try to find a few minutes each week to post a few thoughts. I am glad you found some useful information. Be sure to contact me just before yo make it to Nikolaev so we can schedule an interpreter for you.

The First Meeting. This is a Must Read!

John’s Letter with Answers is Typical…

Your story sounds similar to mine starting out in 2006, however, one of the things I have learned from my experience is to never open and answer a letter sent to me first. Your situation is a little different.

Leaving a paid website can have a little of the good, bad and ugly. When you are using an international dating website, there are some protections you might want to know about.

Larisa is from Ukraine…

Read John’s Letter with Answers First…

First, all girls (even professional chatters and letter writers) get paid to chat with men everyday. They also use other ladies profiles without web-cam to chat and make money for herself, the agency and the website on many more than just one website.

Second, all ladies who use reputable paid websites, sign a contract. It says many things, including that a woman will never ask for money or gifts. If she does, I have known many men who have received massive refunds and credits. Of course, there is a lot more to this, just remember that once you communicate outside an agency and paid web site, you are on your own with no recourse if something goes sour. Personally, I would NEVER COMMUNICATE with any woman outside an agency and paid website before we have met at least once face to face.

You stated that she speaks no English. Why is that? What foreign language did she study at school? Have you asked her? All citizens of Ukraine are required to study at least one foreign language. Ninety percent study English.

You are obviously new to dating overseas. All girls who are sent a gift through a paid website or marriage agency, rarely take the gift. They always take the cash. The odds are, the photos you looked at are stock photos. Pick a color… any color and there you go. John’s letter with answers is full of interesting thoughts. Only purchase gifts through reputable companies, but never an agency. Half of the time, a girl is never even told she has been sent a gift. The agencies often forget and the gift is never delivered unless the lady asked…. WHAT HAPPENED!

If she says she doesn’t speak English, you need to find out if she is interested in taking English lessons. If she is willing, that is often a good thing. However, never pay her directly or through an agency or paid web site. This is not a request that she comes to our school. You can have her go anywhere. It just makes sense not to send money to someone you don’t know and have never met face to face.

You said you are using Skype every three weeks. Why is that? If you two are serious, why not speak with each other everyday? Even if she doesn’t speak English (which I seriously doubt) both of you will have a lot of fun. It’s not about the fact that you are speaking English, it’s more about the fact that you have taken the time to meet with her. Remember that people communicate many different ways. Only half or less of human communication is done with language.

Trust and honesty must be earned by time actions and deeds only after two people have met face to face and have spent time together. Ninety nine percent of all men who travel overseas to meet a Ukrainian woman with the hopes of building a lifelong loving relationship FAIL miserably. They fail to see what’s usually staring them right in the face.

Normally, I no longer have the time to reply in such detail. I wanted to take a little extra time today in the hopes that others will benefit from your search for true love and benefit from a few of my thoughts.

Also, International dating is just like playing rugby when the sport was first created. Unless you are both playing by the same rules, one is sure to lose the game and there will be more disagreements than you could possibly count. Searching for love isn’t a game, but dishonest ladies look at it exactly like that. A GAME WITH SPECIAL RULES…..

Just remember to keep your wallet closed and your eyes wide open.

Nikolaev Ukraine

Schedule a conference with Bill today!

Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.

John’s Letter with Answers

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A letter from Bob

A Letter from Bob about Tour Companies…

Romance Tours in Nikolaev Ukraine. Not what you think.

Questions and answers
Bob’s questions

Here is a guy that has gone on romance tours offered by tour companies five times without any luck. If romance tour companies offered the best thing since the invention of the wheel, why hasn’t Bob found his princess? Is there something wrong with Bob? Is there something the tour companies aren’t telling you? Read through our website for the answers to your questions. It’s free and always informative. Information contained on this website comes from years of investigations and interviews.

Bob’s Letter…


My (skype also) name is Bob Jones (name changed), Naples, Florida , USA.

I have sent you contact request on Skype

Wish to book a conference to know why you say Romance Tours are a bad idea.

Have been to Ukraine 5 times on Romance Tours offered by tour companies, with a big variety of experiences, not all good either. Still alone. Still searching.

Bob Jones

My Reply to Bob…

Hi Bob,

Thank you for writing.

I have added you to my Skype. Look for me online. I will try to speak with you when possible. If I am not able to speak with you when you let me know you are there, I will let you know when my next opening is.

Anyone who has been searching unsuccessfully for years, needs a new game plan. Based on your five times using the services of a so-called tour company, don’t you think you could have spent your $25,000 a little more wisely?

The answers to your question are extremely simple. After living in Nikolaev over nine years, here are my observations and facts.

I am always surprised at the statements made by the last couple of companies offering tours. They paint a pretty picture to extract as much cash as possible out of the unsuspecting.

Making promises to men who are just trying to find their other half. Never trust anything a tour company owner or representative tells you. False claims are just that. If a representative of a tour company claims an eighty percent success rate, he is lying.

There is a company in Southern California or Nevada offering social tours and meet and greet services in Nikolaev that makes this promise to all that will listen. Even the owner of that company has admitted he isn’t telling the truth. How can anyone promise eight out of ten men find true love? It is actually the complete opposite and less. Based on my nine years living in Nikolaev Ukraine, it is clear to me that less than seven percent find a companion. This is my estimate based on all the men who visit my office in Nikolaev after they have finished a tour.

The following facts came from several companies websites offering tours and socials in Nikolaev. Most of these companies are now out of business.

FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, there were at least seven companies offering tours and social events conducted in Nikolaev Ukraine. At that time, it was extremely common to see a tour group of 60 to 80 men. It was very common to see two buses pull up to a nightclub. Most of these tour companies would travel to Nikolaev at least five times a year.

NINE YEARS AGO, when we began helping foreign men with questions here in Nikolaev, we made a point of watching all the buses when they would arrive at a nightclub in Nikolaev. The first time we did this, there were just 23 men who got off the bus. Four times a year is the norm.

Currently in 2016, there are just two active companies that still offer tours in Nikolaev. They come four times a year or less and the average group size is between 8 and 12.

So, lets do the math.

FIFTEEN years ago, seven tour companies.

An average of at least 50 men five times a year equals 250 per company annually in Nikolaev.

Seven tour companies multiplied by 250 equals 1,750 men attending socials annually in Nikolaev.

Today, just two tour companies still operate in Nikolaev Ukraine.

An average of 10 men four times a year equals 40 per company annually in Nikolaev Ukraine.

Two tour companies multiplied by 40 equals 80 men attending socials annually in Nikolaev Ukraine.

1,750 less 80 equals 1,670 fewer men searching for true love in Nikolaev Ukraine annually by attending a social event.

Would you call that a successful business?
What do the numbers tell you?
Would you say that socials are as popular as ever?
Why do you think the tour and social business has dried up?
Do companies offering tours have a conscience?
Where is any physical proof of claims made by these companies?

It’s my understanding that successful businesses grow with time and success. This is done by offering quality products and services customers appreciate and tell others about.

One of the biggest mistakes a man makes is thinking that women in Ukraine like going to a social event. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I have interviewed women in Nikolaev many times. Over 500 interviews in a nine year time span actually. All interviews in the city of Nikolaev.

In every interview, women always ask the same question “Why does a foreign man need help with love?” Is he stupid? Has he ever been married? Why would a real man need someone to help him find a real woman in Ukraine? Why would any man be so weak minded as to need someone to show him a real woman?

Women in Ukraine look at all men who need a coach or someone to guide him as weak. Weak minded. Weak character. Why does a real men need anyone to hold his hand when it comes to developing a relationship?

There is a lot more to this and there is a better way to find real women in Ukraine. We have been helping men and women come together for nine years now. We offer every service imaginable to clients around the world.

Look for me on Skype. We can schedule a conference. A conference costs a little and will save you thousands. A conference will also help you stop wasting valuable time.

My conferences are always about you and how to help you with my experience and the experiences of others. Remember that one size NEVER fits all.

Living in Ukraine for nine years has taught me a lot about how people live in Nikolaev Ukraine. Jobs, education, family, food, entertainment, money, culture and yes; relationships. Sadly, most of what you hear from tour and socials operators simply isn’t true. Groups of men are herded into a room and told to ask women, “Are you searching for a husband?” That statement is terribly insulting to a Ukrainian woman. It’s insulting and demeaning. There are many ways to ask that question indirectly. That statement has a very serious meaning to a real woman in Ukraine.

Schedule a conference with Bill today!

Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.


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A Letter to Robert…

Letter to Robert…

This is a letter from my friend, Robert. This article was originally written in 2009. It was updated in 2016. It was a reply to Robert asking “What is the best way to find a real woman in Ukraine?” Like every man who searches in Ukraine, his situation is different in many ways. My letter to Robert was a general reply and includes useful information for everyone.

Hi Robert,

Billgreen54 Dating Advice
Dating Education Information

We’re happy to help any way we can. I started searching for Larisa in early 2006. I’m glad she found me:) We first met on the Internet in December 2006. This letter to Robert will help you with your search.

Can I ask where you are from? Why are you searching overseas? What is your age? Have you ever traveled to Ukraine?

I have a few thoughts to share with you that are key to better understanding the process of searching for a real woman in an FSU country. Here they are…

Why are Ukrainian Women Special?

Go into this with open eyes.


Women Relationship
Learn with open eyes

Searching for your other half in a foreign land is always filled with surprises. Not only are you seeking a life partner from another country, you are also searching for someone has just as much fear of the unknown as you. While trusting your instincts is natural, be aware of questionable or odd sounding statements and situations. My letter to Robert comes from over ten years experience helping others achieve their goals.

Schedule Your Private Conference Today…

Never send money before meeting her.

Send money to woman
Cash in Ukraine

Sending money to someone you have never met face to face and formed a real relationship with is always a bad idea. Most men who send money, tell me, they did it for the same reason; Because they could! What they fail to realize is that real women never ask for anything except your heart. If a woman decides to test you by asking for money or gifts, be careful. It is not about whether you can or not. It is more about you doing something silly. Only odd men try to buy love here. Spending much more than a twenty will put you in the same group as the others. Set yourself apart and you increase the odds of building a real relationship by a hundred fold.

The First Meeting. This is a Must Read!

Never buy English from a marriage agency.

Study English Nikolaev
Love and English Nikolaev

Marriage agencies make money many different ways. The odds of your money going towards English lessons is zero. Agencies and the women who work at them, make money many different ways. One of those is by offering English lessons. I have been told by countless ladies in Nikolaev that money paid for lessons is always split between the agency and girl. Buy English lessons from a reputable language school.

Bill is From California…

Age difference matters.

Family and Children Ukraine
Ukrainian Family Life

Web sites and marriage agencies attempt to make you think that somehow, age difference never matters. The truth is, it does. It matters a lot. Time between two people is important for many reasons. Don’t be fooled by someone who tells you age difference does not matter. The average age difference between a Ukrainian woman and a Ukrainian man is just three years. For a foreigner and a Ukrainian woman, it is eight. While this is an average, there are beautiful relationships as far as twenty years apart. That is the true exception. It is one in a million.

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Verify the lady’s information.

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Investigate Information

Remember that, just like any society and relationship, honesty and trust must be earned by time, actions and deeds. Be very careful trusting a woman on the Internet before you’ve actually met her in person and have developed a positive, ongoing relationship. This letter to Robert will help you determine if he is real or not.

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Risk is financial and emotional.

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As with any new technology, a person must be skilled and experienced to take full advantage of the benefits of the Internet. Understand that communicating and considering a relationship with a woman overseas, puts at risk every asset you own, both financially and emotionally.

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Plan for a two year adventure.

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Time, Travel Relationship

The entire process of searching for a life partner in an FSU country is a journey in life that will most likely take no less than two years of your life. Searching for your life partner in Ukraine is definitely not an overnight proposition. If you are lucky enough to find the woman searching for you, plan on the next two years of your life to be a little unsettled. A letter to Robert is written to help everyone searching for true love in Ukraine.

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Website introduction service.

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Communicating with Letters

As far as web web sites go, they are there to make money, just like any for profit enterprise anywhere. You should regard all web sites as nothing more than an introduction service. Communicating with a woman on the Internet should be done in stages for many reasons. Letters…. no more than a month to six weeks at two per week both ways.

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Communicate if possible beforehand.

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Relationship Communication

Chat, with video is a must for no more than a few weeks from time to time. Phone conversations and SMS for a few weeks. Two way video chat with the help of an interpreter for the first time depending on language skills from both sides. All of these ways to communicate should also be done in combination with each other. If you get to this stage with one woman and your sixth sense kicks in, or you just want to come and meet her, then it’s time to meet face to face in her country. Without following these simple rules, you never know who you have been communicating with.

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Never do it alone.

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Never do this without the help of someone who knows how things work in Ukraine. No man should do this alone. No man should search for a woman to love and share his life with from another country without the help of a friend. A basic knowledge of this process is imperative. Having an outside view of your ongoing situation is an absolute must to help you accomplish your goals.

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Money and your heart.

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There is a lot more to this. Yes, it is okay to follow your best instincts. However, don’t wear your heart on your shoulders. Be careful and remember that most men who search overseas are often very naive. This can play into the hands of someone who just wants your money and not your heart. You should always be a little suspicious of anyone who wants your money for any reason. Just be careful not to be overly suspicious without reason.

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Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.

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