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Sam’s Nikolaev Visit with Bill and Larisa

Sam’s Nikolaev Visit with Bill and Larisa. 

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Sam recently spent time in Nikolaev. His sole purpose was to get to know a lady he had corresponded with for some time. That friendship failed to materialize but, with Sam’s positive attitude towards life, he was able to create more friendships than he could have possibly imagined or expected. Sam lived in Ukraine for close to three months. He spent time with many people in both Nikolaev and Odessa. Sam’s Nikolaev visit was an experience he will never forget.

This is a great example of how to find a life partner in Ukraine. Over the past ten years, Larisa and I have met with and helped hundreds better understand the process of cross cultural relationships. In Sam’s case, he always thinks positive. He has always searched with an open mind. Sam is the kind of guy we like to help because he is always positive and listens to what we have share. We enjoyed Sam’s Nikolaev visit and the opportunity to help.

Sam’s Nikolaev Visit a Success.

When Sam sent me the following letter, I wrote him back and asked if I could share his letter with my readers. He was more than happy to share his thoughts, experiences and gratitude. He is a nice guy that just wants to find the woman who is searching for him. I have changed his name and few other personal details without editing grammar etc. Sam’s Nikolaev visit was a definite success.
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If you are searching for a special woman to share your life with, please contact us. We are always happy to help with knowledge and our experiences helping others. Searching for your other half on this side of the planet is never easy. Don’t lose faith in your abilities and just know that, out there somewhere, there is a woman searching for her knight in shining armor. Sam’s Nikolaev visit is proof that there are many ways to build relationships; this is just one.


Dear Bill and Larissa,

Thanks so much for your birthday greetings.  I had a lovely day here in Oz and an enjoyable meal in the evening with friends.

Finally I’ve been able to sign paperwork being final property settlement agreement with my Ex – Donna.  As I mentioned previously; my Ex still works in the business with me.  I have already interviewed and found a replacement for Donna whom will start on 9th January.  Donna will spend a week or two training Nancy and then move to Brisbane to commence her new job etc., and be closer to the kids.   To our credit we’ve remained good friends and have a healthy respect for each other.

I must say that I really enjoyed my time in the Ukraine.  What an amazing country and people. I got to meet and make friends with some fantastic folks.   The kindness and care shown by yourself, Larissa and teachers touched me.   Sure the last 6 weeks or so was a little difficult and it tried to put a dampener on things, but overall I don’t regret one thing.

My eye appears to be finally settling down; and the specialist here commented on the outstanding job that Surgeon Galina did on my eye in Odessa.  I’m so grateful for her expertise and help. My new glasses are helping a real lot and finally I’m back at gym and able to get my body back into some shape again.

The end of my time in Nikolaev seemed to catch me unaware, so much so, that I ran out of time to catch up with you guys for a final meal and goodbye and with some other folk as well.

I must say Bill, that I was totally impressed with your school and the teaching program.  English Club is a real blast and was such an important part in me settling into the Ukraine.  My advice to anyone is that it simply takes time and consistency to form new friendships.

After I left the Ukraine I stopped into Oman for a few days to meet Sveta from Moscow. She hastily took vacation leave and paid for her flights etc., to Oman.  We have so much in common and both strongly feel that everything is heading in the right direction.   She’s met my mom and brothers via a Video Call and I will meet her parents this coming weekend via Skype.

She has applied for a visa to Australia and hopes for us to meet on 19th  December; with her returning to Moscow by the 9th  of January.  It hasn’t cost me a cent for any communication and she’s never asked me for anything other than friendship with honesty and open communication from day one.  We both feel we’ve met our best friend in the world and I’ve closed my profile from any dating site. As we say here in Oz, everything is going swimmingly)).

I will attach a few pics here of Sveta and also of our time in Oman. She’s 36 and never been married.  In reality she’s been married to her career and works ridiculously long hours and has to-date seen 86 countries in the world through travel and work.  Sveta is now ready for a sea-change in her life.

My hope Bill is that by the end of January I will own both businesses outright and have a new future with a special lady.

Due to recent changes with my Franchisee (ABC), I won’t be able to come back to the Ukraine for a period of time (i.e. say Christmas next year).   All in all, I’m happy with how thing are progressing and am really look forward to coming back to seeing you and Larissa as soon as possible.

I understand that Kelvin from New Zealand is coming back on 20th  December (subject to getting Visa Approved).  I have ceased communication with our Attorney mate from the US (ie Brendan Walsh) but now have made other great friends via Viber, Facebook and Skype.

Could you please pass on my love and regards to Oksana.

Has Larissa been able to speak to Tanya from English Club about doing English lessons?  Bill, if someone comes into the school that you both feel warrants special consideration for lessons etc., please feel free to discuss with me about some sort of sponsorship in part of full.  I don’t mind if it’s a gentleman or lady.  The “student choice” I leave with you both.

I feel it’s a small way that I can support your school whilst making a difference in someone’s life.   To be honest I can’t speak highly enough of what you do in Nikolaev and I’m privileged that I can join with you both in some way to further the good work.

Bill, I miss our chats and friendship; and I’m glad that you got to meet a normal foreigner for a change)).  Thanks for always having my back and for all your help.

Anyways, I had better finish here.  Once again thanks for everything and I look forward to more adventures with you both.

Yours sincerely,


My reply to Sam,

Hi Sam,

Thank you for your kind words. We are glad to hear you are doing well.
One question.
We are updating the PenPals Nikolaev web site. I would like to use your letter on our site. Would it be okay if I used a portion of your letter and changed your name? I can eliminate all references to you and your location. Your letter was well written and full of thoughts and ideas for any person to learn from.
We are putting more energy into this because I am preparing for the launch of our book next year in 2017. No:) I am not finished yet but, I will make sure you get a copy.
I am updating all of my articles on the PenPals website. Once I have updated every page, I will start adding new articles. Yours will be the first new article.
Thank you Sam.
Sam’s reply

Hi Bill

I agree to your request. Be a pleasure to help. If you need further stuff please let me know.



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Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.

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Ten Do’s and Dont’s For Meeting A Woman For The First Time…

Ten Do’s, Dont’s The First Time…

Ten do’s and dont’s for meeting women sound like a simple thing, right? The surprise is how many men don’t care. Many men turn off a Ukrainian woman the very first time they meet face to face. It takes just minutes to destroy any chance of finding that chemistry.

English Club at Larisa English Ukraine.
Meeting Women
Meeting Women Ukraine Mykolaiv

Here are a few facts to think about before you meet a sincere beautiful Ukrainian woman for the first time or anytime. Meeting women in Ukraine is not that difficult.

Number One… Always make sure you use your own interpreter. Never just use an interpreter from an agency.

Number Two… Drink something simple like soda, juice or bottled water. Never drink alcohol of any kind.

Number Three… A simple handshake is perfect. Never attempt to kiss her on the lips.

Number Four… The handshake is enough body contact. Never put your hands on a woman anywhere.

What are pronouns in English?

Number Five… Do personal things in the bathroom. Never blow or pick your nose at the table.

Number Six… Sit across the table from her. Never ask her to sit near the corner of the table.

Number Seven… Let her talk. Conversation is just that… Ask answer ask should always be 50/50.

CELTA or TEFL English teaching certification.

Number Eight… Start out with simple words and speak slowly. Never joke or tease in a second language.

Number Nine… Learn how to speak at least twenty Russian words. Kak-dela, Privit, Spasiba etc…

Number Ten… Dress casually in neutral colors. Don’t wear white tennis shoes or a tie.

Mr. Green has assisted clients searching for someone to share their lives and dreams with, for ten years.

Meeting women in Ukraine can be daunting. A challenge indeed.

First English Lesson teacher training.

While living in Ukraine during this time, Mr. Green and Larisa Green have met and consulted with many men and women. During this time Bill and Larisa have helped many couples better understand the elements of building a successful cross cultural relationship.

Mr. Green shares his thoughts and experiences with the hope that you find value and success in accomplishing your life goals.

More articles written by Mr. Green can be found by doing a search on the Internet for Billgreen54.

For further information or a private consultation with Mr. Green, please contact him at

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Tours and Socials… Ten Reasons Why You Should Never Waste Your Money…

Tours, Socials Ten Reasons Not To…

Tours socials and just a few reasons why you most likely avoid these types of services like the plague. While it is true that people find people many ways in society, meeting and building a lasting relationship in a day or two is impossible.


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Tours Socials
Beautiful Ukrainian Woman

Most men who travel in a group to meet women in Ukraine are looked at by Ukrainians as someone who needs a mommy or daddy to guide them. The men who travel with other unattached men, often do need help with life decisions.



Social Tour to Ukraine a true story.

Tours socials meet and greet events think twice.

The big question is… Why??? Why do men need someone to introduce them to a group of women? Ukrainian women always wonder why a real man needs help. Single ladies in Ukraine who are searching for a real man know the difference between strong and weak character.


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Most men who pay thousands to so-called meet and greet companies, have never been married. Many of these guys will never be married. Ukraine is often the last chance for true love. Most of these types of guys are in their 40’s and have been searching for some time.


Searching for Mrs. Right in Ukraine.

Tours socials spending thousands for empty promises.

Here are just a few other reasons why a man should never put himself in a situation where he places his love life in the hands of another.

Reason Number One… 99% of the men who attend a socials always go home empty handed. This is because men fail to educate themselves.

Reason Number Two… Most men who go an a tour and social, make it an annual event always going home like last time. Men travel to Ukraine in tours even after they know their way around with the last hope.

Reason Number Three… The few REAL men that do attend socials are joining a group of idiots.

Reason Number Four… Most men who go on tours and socials are fat, bald, toothless and just plain ugly. Sorry for being so rude but, ask any man who has gone on a singles tour who or what sat beside him and you will realize what I am talking about.


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Reason Number Five… In nine years I have never met a man who had found an honest woman through any tour or social with a group of odd ducks.

Reason Number Six… Women who go to socials to meet men are given gifts and money to attend. This is a well known fact in Nikolaev. Tour companies often hand out flyers to anyone who will take one days before a tour comes to town.

Reason Number Seven… Most men who go on a tour and social are socially dysfunctional.

Reason Number Eight… Most men who go on socials think they will find a new daughter to marry.

Reason Number Nine… Women who attend socials find it disgusting to be forced to meet dirty old men.

Reason Number Ten… Promises and agreements made by Executives of socials are never kept.

Mr. Green has assisted clients searching for someone to share their lives and dreams with, for over 9 years. While living in Ukraine during this time, Mr. Green has met and consulted with over two thousand men and women.


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Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.


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Scammers in Ukraine. Ten Ways to Determine if She is Honest.

Scammers in Ukraine. Ten Ways to Honesty…

The realities in Ukraine can be surprising to say the least. There are many beautiful women in Ukraine but, scammers in Ukraine are everywhere. Working at an agency is just one way scammers make money.

Teaching English in Ukraine…
Scammers in Ukraine
Scammers in Ukraine

Most women found through so-called marriage agencies are married or are in a relationship. Women work at Marriage agencies because they need a job. My best guess is that close to one in one hundred are serious. Here are a few thoughts that will help you determine if a woman is real or not. Just remember to keep your eyes wide open and your wallet closed. Also? remember that scammers in Ukraine are looking for you. A person with cash.

Before you Decide to Travel…

The best way to determine if a woman is honest is to do your homework long before you decide to visit her in her own country. If you make the decision to actually go and visit her, you will be in an elite group of men who make the journey. There are countless scammers in Ukraine.

Before Travel to Ukraine…

Before travelling to meet a lady in Ukraine, there a few things you must do. No matter where you came in contact with this lady, you should have communicated online for at least two months. You should have spoken to her through the agency at least twice. You must have her contact information before you actually go to meet her.

Scammers in Ukraine Information…

Scammers in Ukraine don’t want to give you contact information most of the time. You must have called her phone number and spoken to her ten times. It does not matter if she speaks English or not. It is more about whether you actually have her phone number and if she answers the phone. A real honest woman will always enjoy hearing your voice.

Who is Larisa English?…

Meeting Face to Face…

Once you actually meet her face to face and get to know each other, just remember a few things about real, honest Ukrainian women. Common sense and an honest attempt at learning as much as possible about her country will be a great plus.

Meeting a woman in Ukraine isn’t much different than any other country. Just be respectful. Keep your eyes wide open and your wallet closed.

Here are a few thoughts to help you either improve your chances of finding a real woman or to walk away and continue your search.

Schedule a conference today. Contact Billgreen54.

Number One…

The first time you both sit together at a cafe, she won’t be hungry, she won’t eat much, she will be nervous. She will most likely eat very little or nothing at all. A pro-dater will know the menu by heart and will be hungry. A dishonest woman might request sushi or will tell you to take her to an expensive five star restaurant. Ladies and agencies often receive a commission from the restaurant.

Who is Larisa English?…

Number Two…

A dishonest woman might ask you to buy her something. Often something small at first. A real pro-dater will never ask directly. She will make subtle hints and watch your reaction very carefully. A serious, honest woman will never ask or hint that she wants anything. Even if she desperately needs something. She will never ask.

Number Three…

If a woman suggests that you just take a look in a store for any reason be careful. It’s rare that a woman goes window shopping with a man she just met. She won’t want to make the wrong impression with her new friend. If she wants to go into a store, Just tell her that you will wait outside. See what her attitude is. Is she angry?

Schedule a conference today. Contact Billgreen54.

Number Four…

Has she made any comments regarding her phone? Does it need repair? Is it an old phone? Has she indicated in any way that she needs a new mobile phone? If she has suggested in any way that she needs a new mobile phone, ask her what a new mobile phone costs. A phone with every bell and whistle costs less than $100 in Ukraine.

Number Five…

Is she ill? Does she need to see a doctor? Does she need medicine? Is her grandmother in the hospital? If she suggests any of these problems, most likely she is dishonest. A real woman in Ukraine will rarely ask or hint that she needs anything from you. Honest Ukrainian women are way too proud to ask for anything.

Number Six…

Has the woman you went to meet invited you to the marriage agency? Has she asked that you meet the manager of the agency? Has she given you the address of the agency? Has she invited you to meet her friends at the agency? Honest women and agencies will be happy to introduce you to their friends.

Schedule a conference today. Contact Billgreen54.

Number Seven…

Does she spend everyday with you while you are in her city? Does she spend an hour or two? If she can’t spend time with you, why did you go to meet her? If she is working, where does she work? Has she told you? Has she invited you to her place of work? If not, there is something very wrong.

Number Eight…

After the first meeting, does she insist that you meet her with an agency interpreter? How much English does she actually speak? What foreign language did she study at school? After the first meeting, you don’t need an interpreter even if she doesn’t speak any English. All Ukrainians must study a foreign language in school. Most study English at some level.

Number Nine…

Has she asked you for money? Has she indicated that she needs money for any reason? Is she wearing the same clothes every time you meet with her? Has she indicated that she needs to pay some bills? Has she asked you to buy food or clothes for her child, friends or parents? Once again, real Ukrainian women never ask for anything until you have developed a serious relationship over time.

Schedule a conference today. Contact Billgreen54.

Number Ten…

Has she said that she loves you? Has she indicated that you are the one she has been looking for? Does she tell you that you are the one? These are all signs that a Ukrainian woman isn’t honest.

Earning the heart of a real Ukrainian woman will be the most difficult challenge of your lifetime. Until you have proven your true intentions and affection for her, she won’t permit you into her heart. Give your new friendship time and anything is possible.

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The First Meeting

The First Meeting…

For the Man… Thoughts and Perspectives…

The First Meeting is the most important article I have ever written. It is also the most read of all my articles written over the past nine years. Read it carefully and increase your odds of creating a real relationship dramatically. The first time you actually come and meet a lady in a foreign land, what should you plan for?. What should you expect? How should you act? What should you say?

Getting to know each other
Sitting on a Park Bench

How do you speak to her in another language? Should you meet her alone or with a friend or interpreter? Should I show her photos of my stuff? Should I give her an expensive gift? What should we do together at the first meeting? What kind of flowers would she like? The first time we meet, should we kiss, shake hands or hug? And last…… Confusing emotions and feelings with words before we meet face to face…….. There are too many subjects to try and cover here including culture, table manners, superstitions, drinking alcohol, which hand to toast with and why, who should pour, what not to do, meeting her family, offensive statements, joking, teasing and more. Be very careful in these areas of conduct. They can cause a great deal of misunderstanding and more.

Free Russian or English Lesson

Knowledge Builds Strength and Confidence…

Holding hands meeting
Holding hands Nikolaev Ukraine

There are many questions and uncertainties the very first time you meet any woman face to face, but that first hello with a woman born and raised in Ukraine will truly be a life experience you won’t forget. Here is this pretty girl who you’ve written to, spoke to on the phone, chatted with, watched each other on video, sent text messages and more……… Finally, you found the time and reason to come and visit a woman in a foreign land. For the men who are doing this for this first time, it can be a real Life Adventure! But, like anything else that we do in life, there are a few details to know beforehand to help make your adventure a success. Empower yourself with knowledge and you will learn that anything in life is possible……..

Compare Larisa English School

Establishing Honesty in Not An Option…

Essential communication
Communication is essential

As in any relationship; personal or business, a foundation of honesty needs to be established. This applies to both men and women. If you’re communicating with a woman over the Internet living just down the street or around the world, determining a persons honesty is just about impossible. Trust and honesty are earned by actions and deeds with a great deal of time. Sometimes years, sometimes minutes. Communicating on the Internet with trust takes a gigantic leap of faith in the person you are communicating with. It’s the same for the first meeting and the days that follow for both of you. The need to establish honesty and trust is not an option. It’s the difference between success and failure in everything we do.

Start your own Language School

The First Meeting Ten Years Ago…

Bill and Larisa Green Nikolaev
Bill and Larisa having dinner

The thoughts you are about to read are from my experiences in life spanning 63 years. I will also share the experiences of many others who write me daily and meet us in person in Nikolaev, Ukraine. It was over ten years ago when I decided to begin searching for the woman of my dreams; thank God she found me! Her name is Larisa. We live life to the fullest while we enjoy each day together teaching English and helping friends around the world. After we met on the Internet and communicated for 4 months, we met face to face at the Odessa airport in April, 2007. I remember that first meeting like it was minutes ago. If I could go back in time, I would only wish that I knew then, what I know today…..

The First Meeting Might be The Last…

Conversation is Ask, Answer and Ask…

Bill and Larisa Classroom
Bill and Larisa at school

The first time you meet face to face, just be yourself. Don’t worry about anything but what you want to say. Keep it simple and plan to just find a level of comfort as you both make eye contact and get to know each other. The lady you are coming to meet will be nervous, just like you. She will be just as concerned, worried and nervous as you. That’s a good thing. Try to stay away from subjects that are too complicated. Save that for another day. Think about subjects you both have in common. Ask, answer and ask. I teach conversation skills everyday to students learning English. As you ask and she answers, listen to her answers and choose a few key word subjects. Again, ask, answer and ask. It’s also a good idea to write yourself a few thoughts about what you might discuss. Subjects like the movies, food, travel and jobs are probably something you discussed or wrote about before you met in person. Ask about things to do in her city. What are the sights she has never had the chance to see or visit?

Conversation Should be 50/50 at The First Meeting…

Now the Clock Starts Over…

Communication Nikolaev Ukraine
Long distance communication

Be very aware of physical contact and her reaction. You two have just met for the first time and even simple things like holding hands might feel awkward. Remember that getting to know someone takes time. It’s possible to have that chemistry from the very beginning, but the odds are that real chemistry will not materialize the first day or two. You will both be getting to know each other little by little. Don’t be in a hurry to prove anything. The first few days is a time for both of you to get to learn each other. The fact that you both met and communicated long distance might mean very little when you actually meet in person. Communicating from a distance is a way to get to know some things about each other, but it’s impossible to actually get to know the other as a person until you meet face to face and spend time together. The reality is that when two people meet in person even after communicating long distance for months, THE CLOCK STARTS OVER!

Let her reach for your hand first…

Language Difference, It’s not that tough…

Language Translation Nikolaev
Language Translator Device

Language difference can be a hindrance or a good thing. Look at it like the glass is halfway full instead of halfway empty. Consider the fact that many couples who speak the same language can’t communicate and struggle to find common ground daily. Consider that most divorces begin and end with poor communication. Sharing your thoughts, feelings and more with a woman who speaks another language, can be a real life adventure if you let it. Larisa and I didn’t speak the same language when we first met. We both decided to learn each others language although Larisa is way ahead of me on that one. Trust me, learning Russian will be the second toughest thing you will ever do. We have never used an Interpreter. From the start, Larisa and I agreed that we would use an Electronic Translator to help us communicate. There is a lot more to this. Just remember that it takes two to Tango and two to have a conversation that makes sense. Take one step at a time and you will soon speak the same language.

Study English in Ukraine Now

Finally, The First Meeting…

Dating sites Nikolaev UKraine
Dating websites Ukraine

Meeting face to face for the very first time should be done with an Interpreter or a friend of the lady you are meeting. This is for many reasons. Just remember that after the first meeting, both of you can decide to meet alone or with help. If you meet alone, it’s a good idea to use an Electronic Translator and have a phone handy to contact a friend just in case something needs clarification. If you do need an Interpreter, just remember to speak directly to the lady you came to meet, not directly to the Interpreter. Many men and women make the mistake of speaking to the Interpreter and telling her to tell the other what I said sort of routine. A good Interpreter will give you instructions before you have too much to say and translate exactly what you are trying to say. There are occasions where the Interpreter will offer advice to you. This is OK as long as it is limited in time and scope.

English Teacher Qualification Course

Photos and The First Gift……

Gift Delivery Nikolaev Ukraine
Flowers and Gifts Nikolaev

Meeting a woman for the first time will give you both plenty to discuss. Leave the photos at home or your hotel room. A real woman will just want to get to know you for who you are, not what you own. Showing off your home and automobiles will often send a mixed signal to the lady. She might think you are bragging or trying to convince her that you have stuff that she might like instead of just liking you. Often, a woman can be resentful and feel inferior to you because you have a lot of things that she doesn’t. If you decide to show her your stuff anyway, do it later down the road and definitely, not the first time you meet. Gifts should always be simple and inexpensive. A gift with a maximum value of about twenty dollars or so, like a souvenir from home, possibly a pair of earrings should do the trick. It’s not what you give her, it’s the fact that you remembered her.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Schedule a Conference with Bill…

Flowers and A Box of Chocolates…

Send chocolates with flowers
Chocolates and Flowers Nikolaev

Giving her flowers and a box of chocolates is also a great way to show you care for that first meeting. Remember that a simple box of chocolates from your hometown will most likely be something new to her. Flowers can also be a nice way to say hello for the first time. Any flowers would be nice, but roses are usually the flowers of choice. Three or five would be a good number to start with, red or pink is fine. Remember to always give odd numbers. Even numbered bouquets symbolize death or a funeral. One red rose is fine after you have met a few times and you both know there is chemistry between you. One red rose symbolizes love, so only give her one rose if you are sure she is the one.

Larisa is from Ukraine…

Pleased to meet you…

Coffee or tea Nikolaev Ukraine
Enjoy time with your friend

Meeting for the first time should be respectful and sincere. In most cases, a simple handshake and hello is the best way to introduce yourself for the first time. Do not over do it by insisting on a kiss or hug the very first time. If you’ve communicated for some time before you met her face to face, often a person can have feelings or emotions that somehow seem real. This can be the first indication that you are one of the lucky ones or your sixth sense just kicked in. It’s best to reserve any emotions or feelings that you might have. Take it slow and if both of you make it past the first meeting, anything is possible.

Schedule a conference with Bill today!

Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.

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Sadly, Most Men Fail at Meeting a Real Woman in Ukraine

A Few Things You Should Know…

For all those men who consider traveling to Ukraine plan on meeting a real woman for the first time, BEWARE. There are at least 100 things you should know before considering a trip to Ukraine with the thought of meeting a real woman for the first time. Here are just a few.

Jim was 67, She wasn’t. Does age matter?

Truth about Age Difference…

Who is man's best friend?
Man’s Best Friend

The average age difference of a foreign man and a woman from Ukraine that actually do develop a relationship that ends in marriage is 9 years, not 20, 30 or 40. Most men think that because this is Ukraine, age doesn’t matter. This could not be further from the truth. Actually, most Ukrainian women marry a man near her age. Never trust anyone telling you that age never matters. They are terribly misinformed.

The First Meeting. This is a Must Read!

Ninety Nine Percent Fail…

Different man Nikolaev Ukraine
Odd Man Out Nikolaev

Ninety nine percent of the men who actually travel to Ukraine to meet a Ukrainian woman he thought he had some kind of relationship with fail to create and develop an honest relationship. This is always due to a lack of education and most men being too trusting and naive. You can increase your odds of success by educating yourself and learning how to succeed. Meeting a real woman is possible with the right attitude and knowledge.

Conferences Scheduled Here…

Communicate by Phone Beforehand…

Talk by Phone
Phone Conversation First

No man should ever travel to Ukraine to meet a woman he has met online before communicating with her by phone, personal emails and more. Many men travel to Ukraine to meet a woman he thought was real. The fact is that Larisa and I have met hundreds of men who met a woman that had never heard of him. They discover that the agency communicated with the man without telling the woman in the pretty picture. There are ways to avoid this. Meeting a real woman for the first time should only be done after communicating in a verifiable way.

Tours and Socials. Don’t Waste Your Money…

Are You One of The Normal Guys?…

American in Nikolaev Ukraine
Normal American Guy

Ninety two point five percent or so of the men who travel to Ukraine to meet a woman are abnormal, dysfunctional in some way, flat outright ugly or just plain stupid. As rude and to the point as this statement is, it is true. It’s is sad and unfortunate. Most of these men believe they are in love or they have a serious relationship before ever meeting a lady. This is a fantasy. You can only develop a real relationship after meeting face to face. I have met many men in Nikolaev who have stated that they were in love before ever meeting a lady. This is not normal for sure. Set yourself apart. Don’t do all the things the abnormal guys do.

Bill and Larisa First Met Ten Tears Ago…

Meeting a Real Woman…

Wedding Day Ukraine
Ukrainian Wedding Day After

Most men who travel to Ukraine, fail at developing an honest relationship. Sadly, this can be avoided with a little education. Real men never touch a Ukrainian woman first. Strange odd men, just want to touch and feel. Most of the men who travel to Ukraine are searching for eye candy. They usually follow the same pattern. Sit close, hug and kiss. This is just plain dumb. Friends first, lovers later. Wait for the woman to hold your hand first. Schedule a conference and I will tell you more about touching and feeling a Ukrainian woman.

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It’s Okay to Ask For Help…

If you are considering a holiday to Ukraine for the purpose of creating a relationship with Mrs Right, NEVER, NEVER DO IT ALONE. Ask for help. I mean, NEVER! The first problem a man has when he travels around the world to meet a woman for the first time is… Sleep deprivation…. Your body clock is completely backwards. Often, men don’t think clearly. After you get rid of the jet lag, things get more real. The main problem here is that most men come to Nikolaev for a ten day stay. This is just long enough to wake up and then travel back home. You need someone to share a few thoughts with. Meeting a real woman will give you a chance to create and develop a real relationship.

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Remember, love is blind, keep your wallet closed and your eyes wide open when coming to Ukraine to meet a woman. Most of the women you meet through tours and socials or meet and greets are not honest. They are just looking for some extra cash. Most women found online are working girls. They get paid to communicate with you in many ways. This includes chat, video chat, letter writing, meeting you and more. All gifts ordered through an agency are never delivered. They are exchanged for cash. Everyone takes a cut, the website, agency and lady you think you are communicating with. Never, Never send gifts through a dating site or agency. Never trust a photo sent to you.

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