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Dave’s Question About DM and MD. Billgreen54

Dave’s Question About DM and MD…

Bill I’m curious to know why you went after Mark Davis Dream Connections on your pen pals web site and on YouTube? Thanks, Dave.

Free Russian or English Lesson
Mark Davis Dream Connections
Pretty Woman Nikolaev

Hi Dave,

Ten Do’s and Dont’s you should knowCould you direct me to the pages that specifically refer to dream connections or Mark Davis Dream Connections in a negative way?

My staff will address this issue. I write about many issues concerning relationships in Nikolaev UKraine. Perhaps you misread something?

It was a pleasure speaking with you yesterday by Skype. I always try to find free time to help friends. Thank you for your payment as well. Obviously, you are a smart guy who just wants to find a sincere life partner.

Schedule a conference today. Contact Billgreen54.

It’s never easy, nor should it be. Please feel free to contact me with questions and your positive experiences while searching for a life partner in Ukraine.

Here are a few more thoughts that might help you with your search in Ukraine.

Socials and Tours. Don’t waste your money.

Educating Others Daily…

After living in Nikolaev over eight years, starting and building two language schools, teaching over 15,000 hours of English, building many online businesses, coaching and consulting countless with life in Ukraine and meeting hundreds of men searching for true love right here in Nikolaev, there is little I haven’t heard. Larisa and I are here to help educate others with facts and success stories about the search for life partners in Ukraine.

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Mark Davis Dream Connections…

When you live within a society, the opportunities to learn about that society, are everywhere. People who visit Nikolaev for a few days are often amazed at how much there is to learn about real life in Ukraine. Mark Davis Dream Connections does not live in Nikolaev Ukraine.

The differences between everyday life here and other countries can be quite surprising. I offer my knowledge and life experiences to others because I can. This knowledge has helped countless achieve life goals. I have the freedom to create and live my life together with the most beautiful woman in the world. That would be my wife and precious half, Larisa.

Searching for Mrs. Right and a few thoughts

Unfortunately, there are many myths regarding International dating and Ukraine.

Just a few facts that might help you with your search.

Although most women here can cook, most don’t look forward to it.

Most Ukrainian women aren’t interested in building big families. Most women here stop at one child. The same is true for women who immigrate to another country.

The average height of a woman here is five feet three inches or close to 163 cm.

Compare any private language school to Larisa English.

Most women here don’t eat breakfast. For those that do, an open faced butter and meat or cheese sandwich will do.

Women here detest a man that spends money on a large bouquet of flowers. Women here are much more practical.

Women here are expert lie detectors. Never lie to a Ukrainian woman if you expect to see her tomorrow. There is no such thing as a white lie.

Ukrainian women make much better managers than most Ukrainian men.

Ukrainian women teach men about life, honesty, responsibility and more. Not the other way around.

These are just a few facts that have helped all of our clients find true love.

Private English lessons are always the best.

Remember that most men who travel to Ukraine fail to find a life partner. Most go home empty handed. Most fail to understand why a Ukrainian woman would ever consider a foreigner as a life partner.

Most make the same mistakes as those that fail. Taking responsibility as an individual when searching for a life partner in Ukraine is much more impressive to a Ukrainian woman than a man who joins some kind of support group. Mark Davis Dream Connections visits Nikolaev sometimes.

Also? Remember that love is blind. You should never search for a life partner in Ukraine without guidance from an expert who has helped hundreds achieve life goals.

I have been coaching men and women over eight years. Larisa and I are proud of all the happy families we have helped to create.

Mark Davis Dream Connections is an interesting person.

Let me know if you would like to schedule a personal one on one Skype conference with me. We would be happy to help another friend achieve his life goals.

Schedule a conference today. Contact Billgreen54.

Billgreen54 Nikolaev Ukraine

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Tours and Socials… Ten Reasons Why You Should Never Waste Your Money…

Tours, Socials Ten Reasons Not To…

Tours socials and just a few reasons why you most likely avoid these types of services like the plague. While it is true that people find people many ways in society, meeting and building a lasting relationship in a day or two is impossible.


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Tours Socials
Beautiful Ukrainian Woman

Most men who travel in a group to meet women in Ukraine are looked at by Ukrainians as someone who needs a mommy or daddy to guide them. The men who travel with other unattached men, often do need help with life decisions.



Social Tour to Ukraine a true story.

Tours socials meet and greet events think twice.

The big question is… Why??? Why do men need someone to introduce them to a group of women? Ukrainian women always wonder why a real man needs help. Single ladies in Ukraine who are searching for a real man know the difference between strong and weak character.


Study Russian Fast
Study Russian Online


Schedule a conference today. Contact Billgreen54.

Most men who pay thousands to so-called meet and greet companies, have never been married. Many of these guys will never be married. Ukraine is often the last chance for true love. Most of these types of guys are in their 40’s and have been searching for some time.


Searching for Mrs. Right in Ukraine.

Tours socials spending thousands for empty promises.

Here are just a few other reasons why a man should never put himself in a situation where he places his love life in the hands of another.

Reason Number One… 99% of the men who attend a socials always go home empty handed. This is because men fail to educate themselves.

Reason Number Two… Most men who go an a tour and social, make it an annual event always going home like last time. Men travel to Ukraine in tours even after they know their way around with the last hope.

Reason Number Three… The few REAL men that do attend socials are joining a group of idiots.

Reason Number Four… Most men who go on tours and socials are fat, bald, toothless and just plain ugly. Sorry for being so rude but, ask any man who has gone on a singles tour who or what sat beside him and you will realize what I am talking about.


Schedule a conference today. Contact Billgreen54.

Reason Number Five… In nine years I have never met a man who had found an honest woman through any tour or social with a group of odd ducks.

Reason Number Six… Women who go to socials to meet men are given gifts and money to attend. This is a well known fact in Nikolaev. Tour companies often hand out flyers to anyone who will take one days before a tour comes to town.

Reason Number Seven… Most men who go on a tour and social are socially dysfunctional.

Reason Number Eight… Most men who go on socials think they will find a new daughter to marry.

Reason Number Nine… Women who attend socials find it disgusting to be forced to meet dirty old men.

Reason Number Ten… Promises and agreements made by Executives of socials are never kept.

Mr. Green has assisted clients searching for someone to share their lives and dreams with, for over 9 years. While living in Ukraine during this time, Mr. Green has met and consulted with over two thousand men and women.


Schedule a conference with Bill today!

Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.


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A letter from Bob

A Letter from Bob about Tour Companies…

Romance Tours in Nikolaev Ukraine. Not what you think.

Questions and answers
Bob’s questions

Here is a guy that has gone on romance tours offered by tour companies five times without any luck. If romance tour companies offered the best thing since the invention of the wheel, why hasn’t Bob found his princess? Is there something wrong with Bob? Is there something the tour companies aren’t telling you? Read through our website for the answers to your questions. It’s free and always informative. Information contained on this website comes from years of investigations and interviews.

Bob’s Letter…


My (skype also) name is Bob Jones (name changed), Naples, Florida , USA.

I have sent you contact request on Skype

Wish to book a conference to know why you say Romance Tours are a bad idea.

Have been to Ukraine 5 times on Romance Tours offered by tour companies, with a big variety of experiences, not all good either. Still alone. Still searching.

Bob Jones

My Reply to Bob…

Hi Bob,

Thank you for writing.

I have added you to my Skype. Look for me online. I will try to speak with you when possible. If I am not able to speak with you when you let me know you are there, I will let you know when my next opening is.

Anyone who has been searching unsuccessfully for years, needs a new game plan. Based on your five times using the services of a so-called tour company, don’t you think you could have spent your $25,000 a little more wisely?

The answers to your question are extremely simple. After living in Nikolaev over nine years, here are my observations and facts.

I am always surprised at the statements made by the last couple of companies offering tours. They paint a pretty picture to extract as much cash as possible out of the unsuspecting.

Making promises to men who are just trying to find their other half. Never trust anything a tour company owner or representative tells you. False claims are just that. If a representative of a tour company claims an eighty percent success rate, he is lying.

There is a company in Southern California or Nevada offering social tours and meet and greet services in Nikolaev that makes this promise to all that will listen. Even the owner of that company has admitted he isn’t telling the truth. How can anyone promise eight out of ten men find true love? It is actually the complete opposite and less. Based on my nine years living in Nikolaev Ukraine, it is clear to me that less than seven percent find a companion. This is my estimate based on all the men who visit my office in Nikolaev after they have finished a tour.

The following facts came from several companies websites offering tours and socials in Nikolaev. Most of these companies are now out of business.

FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, there were at least seven companies offering tours and social events conducted in Nikolaev Ukraine. At that time, it was extremely common to see a tour group of 60 to 80 men. It was very common to see two buses pull up to a nightclub. Most of these tour companies would travel to Nikolaev at least five times a year.

NINE YEARS AGO, when we began helping foreign men with questions here in Nikolaev, we made a point of watching all the buses when they would arrive at a nightclub in Nikolaev. The first time we did this, there were just 23 men who got off the bus. Four times a year is the norm.

Currently in 2016, there are just two active companies that still offer tours in Nikolaev. They come four times a year or less and the average group size is between 8 and 12.

So, lets do the math.

FIFTEEN years ago, seven tour companies.

An average of at least 50 men five times a year equals 250 per company annually in Nikolaev.

Seven tour companies multiplied by 250 equals 1,750 men attending socials annually in Nikolaev.

Today, just two tour companies still operate in Nikolaev Ukraine.

An average of 10 men four times a year equals 40 per company annually in Nikolaev Ukraine.

Two tour companies multiplied by 40 equals 80 men attending socials annually in Nikolaev Ukraine.

1,750 less 80 equals 1,670 fewer men searching for true love in Nikolaev Ukraine annually by attending a social event.

Would you call that a successful business?
What do the numbers tell you?
Would you say that socials are as popular as ever?
Why do you think the tour and social business has dried up?
Do companies offering tours have a conscience?
Where is any physical proof of claims made by these companies?

It’s my understanding that successful businesses grow with time and success. This is done by offering quality products and services customers appreciate and tell others about.

One of the biggest mistakes a man makes is thinking that women in Ukraine like going to a social event. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I have interviewed women in Nikolaev many times. Over 500 interviews in a nine year time span actually. All interviews in the city of Nikolaev.

In every interview, women always ask the same question “Why does a foreign man need help with love?” Is he stupid? Has he ever been married? Why would a real man need someone to help him find a real woman in Ukraine? Why would any man be so weak minded as to need someone to show him a real woman?

Women in Ukraine look at all men who need a coach or someone to guide him as weak. Weak minded. Weak character. Why does a real men need anyone to hold his hand when it comes to developing a relationship?

There is a lot more to this and there is a better way to find real women in Ukraine. We have been helping men and women come together for nine years now. We offer every service imaginable to clients around the world.

Look for me on Skype. We can schedule a conference. A conference costs a little and will save you thousands. A conference will also help you stop wasting valuable time.

My conferences are always about you and how to help you with my experience and the experiences of others. Remember that one size NEVER fits all.

Living in Ukraine for nine years has taught me a lot about how people live in Nikolaev Ukraine. Jobs, education, family, food, entertainment, money, culture and yes; relationships. Sadly, most of what you hear from tour and socials operators simply isn’t true. Groups of men are herded into a room and told to ask women, “Are you searching for a husband?” That statement is terribly insulting to a Ukrainian woman. It’s insulting and demeaning. There are many ways to ask that question indirectly. That statement has a very serious meaning to a real woman in Ukraine.

Schedule a conference with Bill today!

Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.


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