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Tommy and One Bad Apple….

Tommy and One Bad Apple…

Update!!! One Bad Apple 2016… It was over seven years ago. This article was written to help men understand that when a relationship fails, there was never a relationship. Tommy is in his 40’s. He is still alone. He has never married. He still sends threatening letters to Elena and her family. Elena is happily married to a decent Ukrainian man. In 2015, Elena wrote me asking if I would ask Tommy to stop harassing her and her family; I did. This year (2016) she sent me an email telling me that Tommy continues to send threatening letters to her and her family. Tommy works for The United States Government.

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One Bad Apple
One Bad apple in Nikolaev Ukraine

Over the past nine years, Bill and Larisa have helped hundreds better understand cross cultural relationships. One bad apple can ruin the entire bunch.

This is a letter I wrote to Tommy. A friend we helped to determine if the woman he was communicating with was honest. Over time and after teaching her English, Elena demonstrated her intentions to Tommy. Tommy was an interesting person.

I remember him telling me that he would be ruthless to Elena if she turned out to be lying. Sadly, she was living a lie for months while they communicated. Once Tommy traveled to Ukraine to meet her, he could clearly see her intentions. One bad apple is rotten.

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She is typical of girls at agencies getting paid big bucks to lie and steal from nice guys just searching for a real woman. Elena lured Tommy to Ukraine by making promises she had no intention of keeping.

Tommy was relentless. After he went back to the USA, he sent letters to all her neighbors, telling them where she worked and what she did to make money. Elena also scammed the website and agency she had gone to. This is another trick girls play on foreigners everyday in Ukraine. This girl actually stole from the people paying her salary to scam men who came to meet her. Clearly, one bad apple.

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Hi Tommy,

I fully agree with you that it’s a great feeling to know that Elena is paying the price for what she did. As far as we can see, she’s not working at any agency or scamming anyone now. We’ll continue to keep our eyes open for Elena’s behavior at all the web sites we track for clients.

Tommy….. I think what’s important now is for you to move on. I’ve seen too many men come to Nikolaev, get scammed and continue to dwell on her and what happened for months on end. I realize how easy it is for this to consume a person. We get to see it first hand just about everyday in Nikolaev.

The bigger problem is what it’s doing to you, not….what you’ve accomplished by getting even. The longer you make her pay, the more time wasted for you. If you continue to spend time going after her, each day will force your life to stand still. You need to live your life, not hers. You need to take the knowledge you’ve learned and use it to help you with your search for a real woman.

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It should be obvious that her parents and family will stand with her long before they will with you, no matter what she did. Sending her parents letters makes a statement and it has made her look bad, without question. You did what you wanted to do, you embarrassed her in the eyes of her family. She’ll be paying the price for a very long time. The best thing any man can do after being scammed, is to do his utmost to embarrass a girl in the eyes of her family and get her tossed off all web sites.

Since you got her kicked off all the web sites, she has no job. You’ve stopped her from scamming someone else, at least for the moment. Now it is time to move on. One bad apple is enough.

Learn English fast at Larisa English Ukraine.

You’ve taken the time to do many of the same things to Elena as she did to you. She stole your money. She wasted your time. She lied to you repeatedly. She brought you to Ukraine under false pretenses. She tried her best to scam you while you were in Nikolaev. She lied to the marriage agency and didn’t tell them that she was meeting you. She used a friend to act as the interpreter so she could scam you and stop the agency from making any money. She lied to you when she said she had to go home, but she was actually online at Dream and who knows what other web sites scamming, scamming and scamming. All the time, making you waste your time just sitting at your flat waiting for her to meet with you. One bad apple has paid a hefty price.

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There’s no question this girl is rotten. She has no moral ethics, she’s not honest at any level. She’s not afraid to steal from the marriage agency where she was working in chat. She wasn’t afraid to ask you to buy her gifts while you were in Nikolaev. She screamed at you over the phone telling you to give her money. She lied to you about not speaking English and on and on and on.

Sadly, this story is more the norm than the exception. Good girls just don’t go to marriage agencies any longer. For all of them, it’s just a job. I hope something I said helped and that you move on to find the woman searching for you. I can tell you that there are many serious, honest women in Nikolaev searching for a real man. You just need to know how to pick through the bad apples.

Study Russian online. First lesson is always free.

Mr. Green has assisted clients searching for someone to share their lives and dreams with, for nine years. While living in Ukraine during this time, Mr. Green has met and consulted with countless men and women. During this time Bill and Larisa have helped many couples better understand the elements of building a successful cross cultural relationship. Mr. Green shares his thoughts and experiences with the hope that you find value and success in accomplishing your life goals.

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Searching for Love in Nikolaev Ukraine.

Searching for Love in Nikolaev Ukraine…

The following is from a friend who wanted to share a few thoughts about where he is in his virtual relationship. Searching for love is never easy. Remember that a real Ukrainian woman will never ask for anything, but your heart… And you will have to earn every ounce of hers……… Enjoy!

Searching for Love
Searching for Love in Nikolaev

Hi Bill,

Reading all this is nothing new after what I experienced and what you told me when I was there, but, after thinking about it, I wonder why someone would want to go to such a mine field to find someone honest ???

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Western Union Money Back…

Funny enough’, after I told the girl to send the money back by Western Union, she did not bring up that issue anymore but she writes to me almost everyday one sentence long email such as ‘I want you, I miss you, I love you …’ …

I tested her to say that next time she will be visiting me (hence no more ‘my mom is sick’ or ‘i am busy’), she says yes but she always mentions that she is worried about the cost of the visa … so I guess she is slowly patiently waiting the right time to ask for more money for the trip and visa …

It makes me smile now !

Thanks again for all your help,

Hi JR,

That’s a good question……. Why do people think it’s possible to find someone to love anywhere and why overseas? I’m not sure really. I think it’s different for everyone. I think the key for success in accomplishing a persons goals is always education first. A little luck might also play a role in a persons ability to find a life partner.

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Love and Limits…

Life just led me here to Nikolaev. I suppose searching for someone to love anywhere in the world is kinda like gambling or running hap-haphazardly through that mine field. Searching for love is limitless. Most men and women searching for someone to share their life with, put limits on themselves considering time, money spent, distance and more. I didn’t worry too much about any of these details. Of coarse, life can get complicated for anyone from time to time. Taking care of Mom, Dad and the kids for some years was my reason for not having time for me.

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Ukrainian Last Resort…

It’s also possible that some men consider a relationship with a woman overseas because it’s a last resort. I think it’s particularly true for men who are in their 40’s and beyond that have never been married. I meet many men here who are even in their 30’s who have never taken the plunge. Sadly, many of these men are single for good reason. More stuff to write about later.

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The End of The Tunnel…

This all gets back to the eternal quest for love. Although many men and women will say they are perfectly happy alone, for many, that thought changes as we get older. I think when we get past 50, we are looking closer into the darkness at the end of the tunnel as opposed to that flickering light of hope to live our life to the fullest.

Searching for Love requires passion.

As far as the honesty factor goes. A real Ukrainian woman can’t lie. For the women past the age of twenty five or so, that haven’t turned to the dark side for money and fancy things, they know what kind of damage is created by distrust and lying.

Life is an Adventure! Live it…

For Ukrainian men, it’s just the opposite. There is more to that story. In the past ten years, Larisa has never lied to me. I know it for sure. She has told me many times, she can’t lie. It is absolutely true that since meeting Larisa, she has always been honest with me and others around her. This is one of the many cultural parts of a real Ukrainian woman that I’ve witnessed many times working and socializing in many different situations in Nikolaev.

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A Decade Ago…

By the way, in the early stages of my correspondence with the ladies, I too, gave money a couple of times thinking a girl was in dire need of some help. I think it’s part of the process searching for someone to love anywhere in the world. That was over ten years ago and that same girl is still online everyday in chat at several paid web sites. I’m sure she is still asking for and getting money from many unsuspecting men around the world. Thank heavens Larisa and I found each other.

As always, thanks for your thoughts.

Best regards,

JR’s reply…

Thanks Bill for sharing your thoughts,

You just give me THE reason to keep searching in that Ukraine mine field, ie finding a woman who can’t tell a lie, a honest and loving person you can trust and build a relationship with. That is what I have always been looking for, and never found anywhere.

Don’t be kind with me, I know I have been stupid, it’s part of the learning process, about Ukraine but also about myself, I am a positive and trustful guy, so it was bound to happen.

Have a great week

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Tommy and One Bad Apple Story.

The Past Decade…

Have your questions ready. Bill will answer all. He will share his life experiences on international dating since he began his search for Larisa. They have been together since December 2006.

Married and living in Nikolaev for the past nine years, they are always happy to share their life with you.

Are you curious about why you get letters by the hundreds in your In-box? Have you ever wondered who actually writes the letters? Did you know most of the time, the lady in the photo isn’t who you think she is? Should you meet more than one woman face to face? How should you meet? What should you do to make a good first impression? Does language difference really matter?

Ten simple facts you should know.

Apartment Rental Cheap…

Would you like to learn Ten never revealed steps to help you determine a woman’s true intentions and increase your odds of finding true love? Bill will share his secrets with you. Secrets learned from thousands over the past ten years.

Did you know that you can live a great life for less than $400USD a month in Ukraine? Renting a flat can cost as little as $100USD a month. Stop wasting time trying to figure out all of this alone.

The First Meeting. This will help too.

The Past Ten Years…

Knowledge is power. Education is essential to accomplish goals of every kind. We will help you find your place in life.

Let Bill and Larisa share their lives and the past ten years with you. Discover how to make a living in a foreign country with the woman of your dreams. Bill and Larisa have helped many men and women with our private exclusive services.

Learn what it takes to build businesses in Ukraine. Find out how reasonably you can live in Nikolaev.

Mr. Green has been conducting informational conferences with clients from around the world for the past nine years.

Bill and Larisa have helped thousands understand the ins and outs of Cross Cultural relationships. They found each other on a popular paid website ten years ago.

Over the past nine years, Bill and Larisa have founded two language schools in Nikolaev Ukraine where they live and work.

Bill and Larisa have expanded their school and facilities five times since opening in November 2008. Larisa English Ukraine has ten classrooms and a theater that accommodates 50. All located on Sovietskaya (Sobordna) and Shevchenko 63 downtown Nikolaev Ukraine.

Students study languages online from around the world. Larisa School of Language has become the most popular private language school in Nikolaev Ukraine.

They have helped many couples come together and get through the rough spots while developing a loving, lasting relationship. Bill is from California and Larisa is from Ukraine.

Bill and Larisa have personally met hundreds of men face to face in Nikolaev and online over the years. They have shared their relationship experiences along with just about every detail imaginable.

Bill and Larisa have helped many men confirm the integrity and honesty of thousands of women in Nikolaev Ukraine.

Conferences are; Ask, Answer, Ask. Mr Green conducts conferences by Skype and from his offices in Nikolaev, Ukraine. If requested Larisa will attend the conference as well.

Contact Mr. Green to schedule a conference…
Please tell him what time is best for you and what city and country you live in. Payments can be made to PayPal, Credit Card, MoneyBookers, Western Union, MoneyGram or cash. We have helped clients all over the world. Please allow them to share the past ten years with you.

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Marriage Agencies. Questions and Answers

Marriage Agencies Questions Answers…

Larisa is from Ukraine…
Mykolaiv Marriage Agency
Questions about Agencies

Remember that most men who travel to Ukraine to meet a woman through marriage agencies, need guidance when it comes to International dating. Don’t allow an agency employee like a translator to tell you what to do. I recommend to my clients that they ask a few questions when they visit a Marriage Agency. Remember that agencies prey on unsuspecting men. They will often guide you in the direction to earn them cash. This might be apartment rental, taxi rental, interpreter rental and more. Do your homework and set yourself apart from the men who fail at asking the right questions.

The First Meeting. This is a Must Read!

Ask a Few Simple Questions…

Gorgeous Ukrainian Woman
Pretty Woman in Nikolaev

Ask a few simple questions. How old are the profiles in the catalog’s I’m viewing? Most of the time, less than twenty percent of the women in a catalog actually exist. If any profile is older than 6 months, ask why? How many men has she actually met through the agency representing her? Is she represented by other agencies? How many web sites is this ladies profile posted on? How often does she come to the agency? Agencies don’t like these type of questions but, they are all legitimate questions to ask. After all, you are searching for someone to share your life with. Most men ask more questions when shopping for a car. Doesn’t it just make sense to ask a few questions about the woman who will be driving it.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Schedule a Conference with Bill…

Who Writes The Letters?…

Marriage Agency Letters
Agency Letter Writer

Does the agency actually physically translate letters sent to her or is she phoned and the letters translated and paraphrased over the phone? How does the lady respond to letters received? Does she actually come to the Marriage Agencies office with letter in hand? Or does she call the office with her comments? Remember that most letters are never read by the lady they are sent to. Actually, most love letters written to you at agencies are written by men. Ask the agency manager if a man has been writing love letters to you. They will be surprised you have done your homework.

Bill and Larisa First Met Ten Tears Ago…

Don’t be Afraid to Speak Up…

She has questions too
Questions for Everyone

All Marriage Agencies maintain records and should be able to answer any questions you have regarding a lady they represent. Don’t be afraid to ask any question you have to be sure you feel a level of confidence the lady you want to meet is serious about her search for a man to love. Asking questions at an agency will impress all who work there. Although they may not like you snooping around, they should answer your questions truthfully. While you are asking agency personnel these questions, watch their eyes. If they are lying, they usually give themselves away by expressions in their eyes.

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Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.


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A Letter From Ray and A Fish Story!

Letter from Ray…  by Billgreen54

Update 2016. Here is a letter from Ray I have updated. The same facts apply with updates throughout this article. Larisa and I meet with friends daily in Nikolaev. We stay busy helping and educating others. This is our ninth year living in Nikolaev together. I hope you find this article informative and useful.

Knowledge is power
We have dating questions


Through ABC [Name Removed], which do you think is better:
The social – where I get to meet ladies for 4 hours
“Something Club”, where I am “matched” on dates, with 3 ladies per day for 7 days [this costs twice as much as the social]

Also, what do you think about placing an advertisement in the local newspaper, stating that a US citizen is looking for a bride with my email ID and/or my Ukrainian phone number?

Hi Ray,

Thank you for contacting us.

I don’t endorse the services you mentioned. Never put a limit on love. With the ladies; Just remember to keep your eyes wide open and your wallet closed. Helping men by the hundreds over the past nine years has produced a priceless education and created a tremendous bank of knowledge. I thank Larisa for this. She is the reason I came to Ukraine to start a new chapter in our lives. This letter from Ray is a good example of questions most men have.

Most just give up.

Never too late
Don’t give up

Sadly, most men who attempt to find a life partner in Ukraine fail to educate themselves beforehand. They often make very common mistakes that are totally avoidable. Most stop searching in Ukraine. They just give up because they failed to find a serious woman to love. There is no reason for this. If they had just taken more time to educate themselves, they too would have been successful. While we offer many services, our primary focus is education. It’s one of the many things most websites and companies offering tours fail at miserably. Also? We can’t help everyone that asks. We try to focus our efforts for each individuals reasonable goals.

Bill and Larisa First Met Ten Tears Ago…

Nikolaev and whirlwind socials.

Meet and Greet Nikolaev
Meet women in Nikolaev

Don’t be fooled by empty promises made by companies offering meet and greet services. There are just two left that still haul me to Nikolaev for whirlwind socials. While no single person can promise true love services, in the world of relationships, anything is possible. Just know that when you put yourself in the middle of eight or nine odd guys, you set yourself up for failure. My letter from Ray response is based on many years experience while living in Ukraine.

Dave’s Question about Mark Davies…

Just six to eight men.

Special events Nikolaev
Social event Nikolaev Ukraine

There are just a couple of companies still offering the services you mentioned. The Nikolaev tour and socials business has been drying up for years. Ten years ago, there were an average of one hundred men on a tour. Five years ago, there was an average of two dozen who would get off a bus. In 2013, there were an average of 16 guys on six different tours we counted. In 2015, the last tour company from Los Angeles, brought less than a dozen on each tour. This company usually hauls six to eight men on every trip to Nikolaev.

Meet with Bill now! Schedule a conference…

Capture her heart.

Nikolaev Ukraine Relationship
Love in Nikolaev Ukraine

Most Ukrainian women no longer have the desire to leave Ukraine. Anyone that tells you differently, isn’t being honest. Real women don’t go to agencies or attend socials. However, most Ukrainian women searching for a life partner would consider a man from any country. Capture her heart and anything is possible. The letter from ray has ideas and facts that will help you.

Native English Speakers Teacher Training

No luck again.

Successful relationship
True love is possible

We count every tour that comes to Nikolaev. There are just two companies offering these services that we are aware of. We have interviewed many of the men who have come on these tours. They all tell us the same thing. No luck again… Why is that?

American English Schools Ukraine

Los Angeles tour company.

Big city relationships
The Big City

Over the past few years, men who attend meet and greet socials, have visited Larisa and I in Nikolaev while they are in town. Our office is on the corner of Sovietskaya and Shevchenko. We have met many of the men who pay big money to a company in Los Angeles to meet women at socials. They tell me how disappointed they are with those services. We hope to someday meet a man that has found true love with that company.

Start your own Language School

Most men are regulars.

People around the world
Men Around the World

More facts… Most of the men who actually still come on these tours are regulars. These men have traveled to Ukraine on tours many times with no success. Why do they do it? Most men come to Ukraine with their last hope. Sadly, these men will never find a real woman while attending any social or tour. They always go home a lot poorer. Why would you put yourself in a group of men like that? The letter from ray is typical of questions I receive daily.

Ukrainian Culture Course Online…

Educate yourself now.

Dating advice Nikolaev
Educate Nikolaev Ukraine

The current and most successful way to meet a real woman in Ukraine is to live in Ukraine for a while. Meet real people. Educate yourself. Learn the culture. Learn a little of the language. Make fewer mistakes. Impress a woman. As far as meeting real people, it’s no different than your country.

English Grammar Pronouns Explained

Find that chemistry.

Chemistry dating advice
Love chemistry relationship

Show Ukrainians who you really are and they will help you find a real woman to meet. With a little luck and education, hopefully you will find that chemistry as well. Meet real women through friends. Just like anywhere else!

Meet with Bill now! Schedule a conference…

Increase your odds.

Success Nikolaev Ukraine
Odds of Success

Most men meet ladies online through marriage agencies and dating sites. There is a method that will increase your odds of finding a real honest woman online. I would be happy to share those thoughts with you in a conference.

Conferences Scheduled Here…

Newspaper advertising.

Advertise Nikolaev Paper
Newspaper Advertising Nikolaev

Placing an ad in a newspaper is a waste of time. Your phone will ring off the hook with scammers looking for cash and prizes. In the past nine years while living in Nikolaev, I have never met any man that would do it again. This too, is a last ditch effort by men who fail to educate themselves. The last guy who put an ad in a local paper was inundated with phony phone calls by marriage agencies trying to sell their services to him. He had to get a new phone number.

What is Student and Teacher Matching?

Advice and suggestions.

Friendly advice for clients
Meeting with friends

If you have been searching for a real woman in Ukraine for twelve months or more without success; you are doing it the wrong way. When I know more about an individuals personal situation, I can offer advice and suggestions that fits. Remember that no two people are alike. Every person who searches in Ukraine has a different set of circumstances.

Seven Point English Student Assessment

Never do this alone.

Searching Alone
Doing it alone

Lastly, no man should do this alone. No man should search for a woman to love and share his life with from another country without the help of a friend that has a basic knowledge of this process. Having an outside view of your ongoing situation is an absolute must to help you accomplish your goals and to help you responsibly manage and protect your time and money.


Thanks again.

Helping others Since 2008.

Schedule a conference with Bill today!

Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.



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