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Fast Track Russian Language Lessons


Fast Track Russian Lessons.

Larisa School of Language teaches many languages to students in Nikolaev Ukraine, including Russian and Ukrainian. Our Fast Track Russian Lessons Program is perfect for anyone who needs to learn Russian quickly. Private, one on one lessons can be taken in Nikolaev at Larisa School of Language or on-line from anywhere in the world – Skype On-line Russian. Learning the basics is easy with our professionally trained and certified teachers and staff. This is a specialized course that teaches you the basics from day one.

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Start with The Basics.

Russian Lessons Online
Russian Lessons Online

We teach with the use of printed, recorded and electronic materials. Learning another language has never been so easy. When you begin your course, a teacher will be assigned to teach and monitor your progress. Depending on the time you have available, we start with the basics, so you can begin to speak basic words and phrases in Russian and Ukrainian in hours. Our fast track Russian is a great way to learn quickly.

Study from Anywhere.

Study Online
Learn Russian Online

Our on-line course can be taken from anywhere in the world with our teachers in Nikolaev. Skype lessons can be scheduled to meet your needs and time schedules in one, two or three hour lessons. Your first lesson is always free of charge. It is a great way to get to know the teacher. By trying our teaching system on-line, you will see how flexible and productive it is. Each lesson is created with your learning goals in mind. Let us help you and speak Russian in no time. As with all learning programs, students need to do some homework before each lesson. This will help with your progress.

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Online or in Nikolaev.

Speak Russian fast
Study Online Russian

If you come to Nikolaev and would like to start right away, just let us know and we will introduce you to our staff. Your lessons will be centered around the time you have available and your specific needs. Remember that, as with any language learning program, progress and your ability to speak a new language will vary depending on the intensity of your studies and time devoted to learning and practice.

Learn simple terms in Russian.

Right time to study
Never too late to learn

Besides teaching the basics in Russian, we also teach simple spoken Russian to be used from day one of your visit to Nikolaev. If you plan to come to Nikolaev, why not learn as much as possible while you are here and experience the real Ukraine?

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Your Pace and Work.

Study Russian Fast
Study Russian Online

Russian lessons are available by the hour for those that know Russian and would like to brush up on the language. Lessons can be taken on-line through Skype or in our school in Nikolaev. All Russian lessons are private one on one lessons for personal attention. When learning Russian, one size never fits all if you want to learn the basics quickly. We move at your pace and work with your schedule to ensure the progress you expect.

Pricing below is for either long distance learning by Skype or in our school in Nikolaev, Ukraine, and can be planned to meet your schedule.

Contact Bill for prices at billgreen54@gmail.com

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Dear Language Learner, a few thoughts.

So you’re interested in learning a new language? Congratulations! Learning a new language can be exciting but, often times, daunting. Never fear (and we mean that!); here’s a list of five things successful language learners do differently. Read on to find some useful tips to help you reach your language potential.

Bill and Larisa First Met Ten Tears Ago…

Set Learning Goals.

1. Set goals: Successful language learners define exactly what they want to achieve when they start learning a new language. Before you begin tackling a foreign language, take a few minutes to outline your personal expectations. Say, for example, you are planning a trip to Ukraine next spring. During the first month of lessons, set a goal to learn some basic greeting and dining phrases. If you do not set goals, you may find yourself straying from your initial intentions, and taking on too much at once. Larisa School of Language can help you avoid such problems; our experienced language instructors can assist you in defining your goals, and staying on track.

Bill is From California…

A Little Everyday.

2. Do a little bit every day: This might seem easy, but for many, finding the time to dedicate to learning a new language can be tricky. One of the keys, as successful language learners know, is that you must reserve a little bit of time every day. For example, many Larisa School of Language students report tackling one lesson every morning while drinking their coffee. Be realistic; as part of your goals, set a reasonable amount of time you want to spend learning a new language each day. Larisa School of Language features an interactive curriculum that allows you to work your way through learning activities, and pick up right where you left off.

The First Meeting. This is a Must Read!

The Right Learning Aides.

3. Have the right learning aides: We’re all different. Therefore, there is no “one size fits all” method to learning a foreign language. Successful language learners realize that tools suitable to your learning style provide a better language experience. If you’re an auditory learner, try listening to native music and radio, watching native television, and buying audio books in the target language. If you’re a more visual learner, it will be to your benefit to relate words and scenarios to pictures. Larisa School of Language also features flash cards in Russian and English to help jog your memory with words and phrases.

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Native Born Instructors.

4. Gain real-life experience: Whether that means going to a foreign country or finding people in your area who speak the language you are learning, successful language learners know the importance of immersing themselves with native speakers. At Larisa School of Language, our instructors are native-born to their language. With Larisa School of Language, you will be sure to gain experience with instructors who are not only qualified to teach their language, but can also give you the native interaction you need.

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Set All Fears Aside.

5. Set all fears aside: The most successful language learners are not afraid to make mistakes. One of the biggest problems beginners have is that they are afraid to make mistakes, whether in an on-line classroom or in person. Successful language learners make themselves vulnerable in a classroom; they learn from their mistakes, and use that knowledge to further their education. Those students who make mistakes and continue to try again are able to advance more quickly than those who sit silently in a classroom.

Thank you for your interest in our language programs at Larisa School of Language, Nikolaev Ukraine. Should you need further assistance, please phone or contact us. We also welcome comments regarding our products.

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