Searching for Love in Nikolaev Ukraine.

The following is from a friend who wanted to share a few thoughts about where he is in his virtual relationship. Searching for love is never easy. Remember that a real Ukrainian woman will never ask for anything, but your heart… And you will have to earn every ounce of hers……… Enjoy!

Hi Bill,

Reading all this is nothing new after what I experienced and what you told me when I was there, but, after thinking about it, I wonder why someone would want to go to such a mine field to find someone honest ???

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Western Union Money Back…

Funny enough’, after I told the girl to send the money back by Western Union, she did not bring up that issue anymore but she writes to me almost everyday one sentence long email such as ‘I want you, I miss you, I love you!

I tested her to say that next time she will be visiting me (hence no more ‘my mom is sick’ or ‘i am busy’), she says yes but she always mentions that she is worried about the cost of the visa … so I guess she is slowly patiently waiting the right time to ask for more money for the trip and visa …

It makes me smile now !

Thanks again for all your help,

Hi JR,

That’s a good question……. Why do people think it’s possible to find someone to love anywhere and why overseas? I’m not sure really. I think it’s different for everyone. I think the key for success in accomplishing a persons goals is always education first. A little luck might also play a role in a persons ability to find a life partner.

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Love and Limits…

Life just led me here to Nikolaev. I suppose searching for someone to love anywhere in the world is kinda like gambling or running hap-haphazardly through that mine field. Searching for love is limitless. Most men and women searching for someone to share their life with, put limits on themselves considering time, money spent, distance and more. I didn’t worry too much about any of these details. Of coarse, life can get complicated for anyone from time to time. Taking care of Mom, Dad and the kids for some years was my reason for not having time for me.

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Ukrainian Last Resort…

It’s also possible that some men consider a relationship with a woman overseas because it’s a last resort. I think it’s particularly true for men who are in their 40’s and beyond that have never been married. I meet many men here who are even in their 30’s who have never taken the plunge. Sadly, many of these men are single for good reason. More stuff to write about later.

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The End of The Tunnel…

This all gets back to the eternal quest for love. Although many men and women will say they are perfectly happy alone, for many, that thought changes as we get older. I think when we get past 50, we are looking closer into the darkness at the end of the tunnel as opposed to that flickering light of hope to live our life to the fullest.

Searching for Love requires passion.

As far as the honesty factor goes. A real Ukrainian woman can’t lie. For the women past the age of twenty five or so, that haven’t turned to the dark side for money and fancy things, they know what kind of damage is created by distrust and lying.

Life is an Adventure! Live it…

For Ukrainian men, it’s just the opposite. There is more to that story. In the past ten years, Larisa has never lied to me. I know it for sure. She has told me many times, she can’t lie. It is absolutely true that since meeting Larisa, she has always been honest with me and others around her. This is one of the many cultural parts of a real Ukrainian woman that I’ve witnessed many times working and socializing in many different situations in Nikolaev.

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A Decade Ago…

By the way, in the early stages of my correspondence with the ladies, I too, gave money a couple of times thinking a girl was in dire need of some help. I think it’s part of the process searching for someone to love anywhere in the world. That was over ten years ago and that same girl is still on-line everyday in chat at several paid web sites. I’m sure she is still asking for and getting money from many unsuspecting men around the world. Thank heavens Larisa and I found each other.

As always, thanks for your thoughts.

Best regards,

JR’s reply…

Thanks Bill for sharing your thoughts,

You just give me THE reason to keep searching in that Ukraine mine field, ie finding a woman who can’t tell a lie, a honest and loving person you can trust and build a relationship with. That is what I have always been looking for, and never found anywhere.

Don’t be kind with me, I know I have been stupid, it’s part of the learning process, about Ukraine but also about myself, I am a positive and trustful guy, so it was bound to happen.

Have a great week