Important Letter to Bobby

First, a few words…
I receive dozens of letters weekly from men all over the world. They often ask the same questions regarding websites and how to find a real Ukrainian woman. The sad part is, most men who search in Ukraine from other countries make the same mistakes over and over. An important letter is like many.

Most men fail to create an honest relationship with a Ukrainian woman. This important letter to Bobby is an overview of how Marriage Agencies and dating websites work in Ukraine. This is just one important letter from one of many. Learn from it and increase your odds of success.

Honest Loving Relationship…

It’s impossible for me to advise every man who contacts me with the same answers. Every man has a unique set of circumstances. For a man who has just started to communicate with ladies in Ukraine, I can offer insights that come from my own experiences.

I share my thoughts and the experiences of thousands of other men searching for the same thing. A real honest loving relationship. Bobby’s important letter is inspiring.

If you are new to International dating or, if you have come to Ukraine to meet a real woman more than twice and failed: Take a step back. Educate yourself and learn what you need to know about finding the woman of your dreams.

A Decade Ago…

It was over a decade ago, Larisa and I found each other on the Internet. Today, we live a great life in Nikolaev Ukraine. Larisa is the president of Larisa English Ukraine LLC and I spend my time writing, marketing and helping others. I hope you find useful information in Bobby’s letter.

The letter below was sent to me by Bobby. Enjoy!

Bobby’s Important Letter…


I am glad I read the blog entry Jon (Joninfla) started on his page regarding his visit to Nikolaev (,71). I was wondering what was the true nature of Anas….. services and Jon’s and your comments gave me pause about the site.

While some woman I’ve chatted with have asked me to visit (mostly from Odessa and Kharkov) others were more evasive when I mentioned my plan to visit this summer, even though they seemed interested (on the surface).

Now that I have read what really happens on the ground I will be more cautious, selective.

Thanks again. Hope you can offer further insight.


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Reply to Bobby’s Important Letter…

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for writing.

Jon is a great guy. We were glad to have met him in early 2008. He is married and quite happy. Since helping Jon, Larisa and I have helped hundreds personally and thousands on-line to have a better understanding of this process from start to finish.

Anas…. provides a website for Ukrainian marriage agencies to use as a marketing tool. The girls that work at agencies are paid a salary. The men and women who write letters are paid by the letter.

Girls that chat with men are paid to chat. For ninety nine percent of the women found on Anas…, it’s nothing more than a job. Most are either married, in serious relationships, or use the money to support themselves.

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Most Ukrainian women never want to meet the man she is communicating with on an International dating website. They get paid to chat and write letters. Most of the women that are forced by the agency to meet a man from another country, find it disgusting and a waste of time.

The women and interpreters you actually meet in Ukraine, are well trained to extract as much cash from you as possible. In fact, most ladies working at agencies, are trained to scam and defraud as many foreigners as possible.

In fact, these women are often trained by Americans and the British to take your money. They know they won’t get a second chance.

Most men who actually make it to Ukraine to meet a woman, fail to create a real relationship. They never come back. They fail to educate themselves and usually make silly mistakes. Men often make demands of a woman expecting her to do whatever he tells her to do. Not smart!

Bill is From California…

Education is the key to finding a real woman here. Educate yourself, and you stand a great chance of finding a real woman. There are countless women in Ukraine that would consider a loving relationship with a man from any country. You just have to know how to capture her heart. It’s much different than you think.

There are a number of ways to determine the honesty and sincerity of a woman on Anas……. Actually, it’s not difficult at all. A few simple questions and a couple of weeks. The first key to finding a serious Ukrainian woman, is to determine her honesty and sincerity.

Add Billgreen54 to your Skype. I look forward to meeting you.

Thanks again.


UPDATE! Here is John’s letter posted at a forum,,, I have added this post here to preserve it from deletion at the forum. Bill

Here is a link to the post,71

Hello, I thought I would post this blog about my trip to the city of Nikolaev. I have always wanted to visit the Ukraine as it seemed like some of the most beautiful women in the world lived there. So I started using the Anastasia Web site to communicate with several ladies.

I picked the city of Nikolaev over others such as Odessa because most of the ladies I really liked were from Nikolaev, so that’s how I made my decision of which city to visit. Long before my trip, I told all the ladies I planned to meet in Nikolaev about the dates of my trip.

At first, they seemed excited that I would travel so far to meet them. But about a week before my trip, most of them wrote me back saying they could not meet me during my trip because they had to leave town on business.

One lady even told me she did not think our correspondence was long enough and did not want to meet so soon, which I thought was kind of stupid to waste more time just writing without meeting face to face, so I decided not to meet her.

I did not think anything of it at first, as I still had a few that I was communicating with that still were open to meeting me.

I am from Florida and I had the benefit of traveling with a Ukrainian family who live here in Florida and were visiting their family in the Ukraine. We flew from New York to Kiev, and then took a bus to the city of Kharkov. I stayed with the Ukrainian family for a few days while in Kharkov.

I have to admit, I was not impressed with this city as it seemed kind of dumpy and run down, and I never really saw any women there I had any interest in, so I was looking forward to my trip to Nikolaev. I took a train from Kharkov to Nikolaev.

I only point this out because if you are not familiar with the Ukrainian train system, you will be in for a shock. The cars are old, and the lights in all the cabins did not even work, so there I was in a cabin with two other people in the dark who I could not talk with.

I had the misfortune of being assigned the top bunk, and thank God I am still in decent shape to hoist myself into these beds. In any event, most
cities in the Ukraine have bus service that runs between all the major cities in the Ukraine. I would strongly recommend taking the bus or plane, and not the train if you can avoid it.

I arranged to stay in my own apartment while in Nikolaev. The apartment was close to town with plenty of restaurants. I really was impressed with this city as it was clean, the food was good, and the people were very friendly. I know there are some blogs where guys have wrote negative things about this city, but I really did not find any of this to be true.

My understanding is that Nikolaev has only been open to foreigners for only 10 years, so they may be a little behind the times economically but I actually think Nikolaev was in better condition than Kharkov.

During my stay, I managed to meet up with an American guy and his girlfriend who live in Nikolaev. When I told them about my experience with the agency, they explained that most of the girls who are members of the agency make a commission for every letter they receive and write.

They actually showed me an ad in a local newspaper for an agency that was looking for women to join.

The agency splits the money 50/50 with the women for each letter sent and received. So now I understood why some of my ladies backed out of meeting with me. They really never had any intention of meeting.

So for you guys who receive so many letters from women, beware, this is how they make a living.

When I step back and look at the big picture of what I know and have now experienced, I would say that when many of these agencies started back in the early 90’s, they were for the most part, legit. Many guys found their brides in a place like the Ukraine, but somewhere along the way, they also realized that they could make even more money buy offering to pay women to write letters. Once this happened, it compromised the integrity of the entire process.

The sad part of all this is that there are women in the Ukraine who are serious about finding a partner in another country, but knowing which ladies are really looking for someone versus the Ladies who are in it for the money is not easy to determine. So my advice to you is as follows if you decide to use an agency:

1) Avoid any woman under the age of 25.

2)Know when you are planning to take a trip to the Ukraine, and only write for say 1 month before your trip, and tell them in the first letter when you will be coming. Hopefully, this will cut down on your expense of writing endless letters, and weed out the ladies who just want to keep you writing with no intention of a meeting.

3) The Anastasia company says that you can ask for the ladies phone number two weeks prior to your trip, so try and get her phone number if you can. This is another big sign if she is serious about meeting you or not if she agrees to give you her phone number.

If what I just shared scares you from the agencies, and you should be scared, what I also would like to suggest is finding the Ukrainian community in your area. In most areas of the United States at least, you can find them on the Internet.

Most are affiliated with a church, so you could make some friends there who know ladies in the Ukraine who are friends or family that might be interested in meeting you.

Finally, I did meet up with an American guy who lives in Nikolaev who can help you with determining if the lady you are writing to is for real before you spend a huge sum on letters, so if you are interested, please write me and I can pass along his email address to you.

One last point, there are so many negative people on this forum saying how the Ukraine is full of scammers, which is not true. Actually, if you want to blame someone, blame the American operators of these agencies who have created this environment.

Don’t you think if or one of the other domestic agencies started paying women to join, the result would be any different? Think about it, and don’t be discouraged if you don’t find someone immediately.

Of course you hear of the success stories, but I can almost guarantee that most of those guys who did find their soul mate had to go through a great deal of time and expense to get there.

Good Luck,


Bobby’s letter is just one of thousands we have received over the years.