A Letter From Ray and A Fish Story!

Update 2020. Here is a letter from Ray I have updated. The same facts apply with updates throughout this article. Larisa and I meet with friends daily in Nikolaev. We stay busy helping and educating others. This is year 13 living in Nikolaev together. I hope you find this article informative and useful.


Through ABC [Name Removed], which do you think is better:
The social – where I get to meet ladies for 4 hours
“Something Club”, where I am “matched” on dates, with 3 ladies per day for 7 days [this costs twice as much as the social]

Also, what do you think about placing an advertisement in the local newspaper, stating that a US citizen is looking for a bride with my email ID and/or my Ukrainian phone number?

Hi Ray,

Thank you for contacting us.

I don’t endorse the services you mentioned. Never put a limit on love. With the ladies; Just remember to keep your eyes wide open and your wallet closed. Helping men by the hundreds over the past nine years has produced a priceless education and created a tremendous bank of knowledge. I thank Larisa for this.

She is the reason I came to Ukraine to start a new chapter in our lives. This letter from Ray is a good example of questions most men have.

Most just give up.

Sadly, most men who attempt to find a life partner in Ukraine fail to educate themselves beforehand. They often make very common mistakes that are totally avoidable. Most stop searching in Ukraine. They just give up because they failed to find a serious woman to love. There is no reason for this.

If they had just taken more time to educate themselves, they too would have been successful. While we offer many services, our primary focus is education. It’s one of the many things most websites and companies offering tours fail at miserably. Also? We can’t help everyone that asks. We try to focus our efforts for each individuals reasonable goals.

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Nikolaev and whirlwind socials.

Don’t be fooled by empty promises made by companies offering meet and greet services. There are just two left that still haul me to Nikolaev for whirlwind socials. While no single person can promise true love services, in the world of relationships, anything is possible.

Just know that when you put yourself in the middle of eight or nine odd guys, you set yourself up for failure. My letter from Ray response is based on many years experience while living in Ukraine.

Dave’s Question about Mark Davies…

Just six to eight men.

There are just a couple of companies still offering the services you mentioned. The Nikolaev tour and socials business has been drying up for years. Fifteen years ago, there were an average of one hundred men on a tour.

Twelve years ago, there was an average of two dozen who would get off a bus. In 2013, there were an average of 16 guys on six different tours we counted. In 2018, just one  tour company from Los Angeles, brought less than a dozen on each tour. Now this company usually hauls six to eight men on every trip to Nikolaev.

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Capture her heart.

Most Ukrainian women no longer have the desire to leave Ukraine. Anyone that tells you differently, isn’t being honest. Real women don’t go to agencies or attend socials. However, most Ukrainian women searching for a life partner would consider a man from any country. Capture her heart and anything is possible. The letter from ray has ideas and facts that will help you.

No luck again.

We count every tour that comes to Nikolaev. There are just two companies offering these services that we are aware of. We have interviewed many of the men who have come on these tours. They all tell us the same thing. No luck again… Why is that?

Los Angeles tour company.

Over the past few years, men who attend meet and greet socials, have visited Larisa and I in Nikolaev while they are in town. We have met many of the men who pay big money to a company in Los Angeles to meet women at socials.

They tell me how disappointed they are with those services. We hope to someday meet a man that has found true love with that company.

Most men are regulars.

More facts… Most of the men who actually still come on these tours are regulars. These men have traveled to Ukraine on tours many times with no success. Why do they do it? Most men come to Ukraine with their last hope.

Sadly, these men will never find a real woman while attending any social or tour. They always go home a lot poorer. Why would you put yourself in a group of men like that? The letter from ray is typical of questions I receive daily.

Educate yourself now.

The current and most successful way to meet a real woman in Ukraine is to live in Ukraine for a while. Meet real people. Educate yourself. Learn the culture. Learn a little of the language. Make fewer mistakes. Impress a woman. As far as meeting real people, it’s no different than your country.

Find that chemistry.

Show Ukrainians who you really are and they will help you find a real woman to meet. With a little luck and education, hopefully you will find that chemistry as well. Meet real women through friends. Just like anywhere else!

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Increase your odds.

Most men meet ladies online through marriage agencies and dating sites. There is a method that will increase your odds of finding a real honest woman online. I would be happy to share those thoughts with you in a conference.

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Newspaper advertising.

Placing an ad in a newspaper is a waste of time. Your phone will ring off the hook with scammers looking for cash and prizes. In the past thirteen years while living in Nikolaev, I have never met any man that would do it again.

This too, is a last ditch effort by men who fail to educate themselves. The last guy who put an ad in a local paper was inundated with phony phone calls by marriage agencies trying to sell their services to him. He had to get a new phone number.

Advice and suggestions.

If you have been searching for a real woman in Ukraine for twelve months or more without success; you are doing it the wrong way. When I know more about an individuals personal situation, I can offer advice and suggestions that fits. Remember that no two people are alike. Every person who searches in Ukraine has a different set of circumstances.

Never do this alone.

Lastly, no man should do this alone. No man should search for a woman to love and share his life with from another country without the help of a friend that has a basic knowledge of this process. Having an outside view of your ongoing situation is an absolute must to help you accomplish your goals and to help you responsibly manage and protect your time and money.

Thanks again.

Helping others Since 2008.

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Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.