A Letter to Robert…

This is a letter from my friend, Robert. This article was originally written in 2009. It was updated in 2020. It was a reply to Robert asking “What is the best way to find a real woman in Ukraine?”

Like every man who searches in Ukraine, his situation is different in many ways. My letter to Robert was a general reply and includes useful information for everyone.

Hi Robert,

We’re happy to help any way we can. I started searching for Larisa in early 2006. I’m glad she found me:) We first met on the Internet in December 2006. This letter to Robert will help you with your search.

Can I ask where you are from? Why are you searching overseas? What is your age? Have you ever traveled to Ukraine?

I have a few thoughts to share with you that are key to better understanding the process of searching for a real woman in an FSU country. Here they are…

Why are Ukrainian Women Special?

Go into this with open eyes.

Searching for your other half in a foreign land is always filled with surprises. Not only are you seeking a life partner from another country, you are also searching for someone has just as much fear of the unknown as you.

While trusting your instincts is natural, be aware of questionable or odd sounding statements and situations. My letter to Robert comes from over twelve years experience helping others achieve their goals.

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Never send money before meeting her.

Sending money to someone you have never met face to face and formed a real relationship with is always a bad idea. Most men who send money, tell me, they did it for the same reason; Because they could! What they fail to realize is that real women never ask for anything except your heart.

If a woman decides to test you by asking for money or gifts, be careful. It is not about whether you can or not. It is more about you doing something silly. Only odd men try to buy love here.

Spending much more than a twenty will put you in the same group as the others. Set yourself apart and you increase the odds of building a real relationship by a hundred fold.

The First Meeting. This is a Must Read!

Never buy English from a marriage agency.

Marriage agencies make money many different ways. The odds of your money going towards English lessons is zero. Agencies and the women who work at them, make money many different ways.

One of those is by offering English lessons. I have been told by countless ladies in Nikolaev that money paid for lessons is always split between the agency and girl. Buy English lessons from a reputable language school.

Bill is From California…

Age difference matters.

Web sites and marriage agencies attempt to make you think that somehow, age difference never matters. The truth is, it does. It matters a lot.

Time between two people is important for many reasons. Don’t be fooled by someone who tells you age difference does not matter. The average age difference between a Ukrainian woman and a Ukrainian man is just three years.

For a foreigner and a Ukrainian woman, it is eight. While this is an average, there are beautiful relationships as far as twenty years apart. That is the true exception. It is one in a million.

Verify the lady’s information.

Remember that, just like any society and relationship, honesty and trust must be earned by time, actions and deeds.

Be very careful trusting a woman on the Internet before you’ve actually met her in person and have developed a positive, ongoing relationship. This letter to Robert will help you determine if he is real or not.

Risk is financial and emotional.

As with any new technology, a person must be skilled and experienced to take full advantage of the benefits of the Internet.

Understand that communicating and considering a relationship with a woman overseas, puts at risk every asset you own, both financially and emotionally.

Plan for a two year adventure.

The entire process of searching for a life partner in an FSU country is a journey in life that will most likely take no less than two years of your life.

Searching for your life partner in Ukraine is definitely not an overnight proposition. If you are lucky enough to find the woman searching for you, plan on the next two years of your life to be a little unsettled. A letter to Robert is written to help everyone searching for true love in Ukraine.

Website introduction service.

As far as web web sites go, they are there to make money, just like any for profit enterprise anywhere. You should regard all web sites as nothing more than an introduction service.

Communicating with a woman on the Internet should be done in stages for many reasons. Letters…. no more than a month to six weeks at two per week both ways.

Communicate if possible beforehand.

Chat, with video is a must for no more than a few weeks from time to time. Phone conversations and SMS for a few weeks.

Two way video chat with the help of an interpreter for the first time depending on language skills from both sides. All of these ways to communicate should also be done in combination with each other.

If you get to this stage with one woman and your sixth sense kicks in, or you just want to come and meet her, then it’s time to meet face to face in her country. Without following these simple rules, you never know who you have been communicating with.

Larisa is from Ukraine…

Never do it alone.

Never do this without the help of someone who knows how things work in Ukraine. No man should do this alone. No man should search for a woman to love and share his life with from another country without the help of a friend.

A basic knowledge of this process is imperative. Having an outside view of your ongoing situation is an absolute must to help you accomplish your goals.

Bill and Larisa First Met Ten Tears Ago…

Money and your heart.

There is a lot more to this. Yes, it is okay to follow your best instincts. However, don’t wear your heart on your shoulders. Be careful and remember that most men who search overseas are often very naive.

This can play into the hands of someone who just wants your money and not your heart. You should always be a little suspicious of anyone who wants your money for any reason. Just be careful not to be overly suspicious without reason.

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Want to know more? We would like to help you. Remember that each person is different. Every situation requires a unique perspective. No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.