Living in Nikolaev While Building Businesses

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Living In Nikolaev Building Businesses

Our language school in Nikolaev continues to develop as planned along with daily opportunities. Our websites, on-line teaching and learning resources have continued to grow with no end in site. Living in Nikolaev has been a real life adventure the past ten+ years.

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Opportunities in Nikolaev Ukraine…

Our development of The LSL Education Network is proving to be an amazing area of growth for on-line education and marketing improvements for other language schools in Ukraine. Additional projects under development are country specific web sites targeting education, information and on-line shopping. Living in Nikolaev is a real life adventure.

Bill and Larisa First Met Ten Tears Ago…

More Like a Dream…

Larisa Ukraine English
Electronic resources at Larisa English

If someone had told me ten years ago I’d be sharing my life with the woman of my dreams, I wouldn’t have imagined anything close to it. More like a dream, I think…. Larisa is always busy with the school and I stay busy writing. Media and educational content are updated daily. Larisa English Ukraine has up to date resources.

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A True Life Adventure…

Language School Larisa
Larisa School of Language Nikolaev

Since Larisa and I first met on-line in December 2006, our lives have been forever blessed with a true life adventure. An adventure we couldn’t have imagined or written. An adventure that began on the road of life and continues to surprise and amaze around every twist and turn. You can have fun while living in Nikolaev.

Business Opportunities in Ukraine…

Learn English Ukraine
Students in Ukraine Study English

Coming to Ukraine in November 2007 to stay a while, proved to be perfect timing. While America began the economic nosedive in December 2007, Larisa and I were just beginning our life adventure together in Ukraine. Since then, we’ve taken advantage of every opportunity that has allowed us to learn each other and explore the many differences in our lives. Larisa has countless expressions that always make me smile.

Don’t Go Home Empty Handed…

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Lonely American Man

Meeting with clients in Nikolaev and on-line gives us the opportunity to share the experiences of others. Men who have tried their hand at searching for true love on this side of the planet. Over the past nine years, we have met countless men that have allowed us the opportunity to share their success stories as well as their trials and tribulations. Sadly, the majority of men go home empty handed without ever finding the woman of their dreams. There is a myriad of reasons for this. There are many places to stay while living in Nikolaev, contact us for information.

Learn More Before You Travel…

Foreigner in Nikolaev Ukraine
Successful Man Foreigner

We are always happy to consult with friends from around the world. If you’re searching for your other half on this side of the planet, educate yourself and learn as much as possible from two people who have created a life together a little differently than most. Educate yourself before traveling to a foreign land to meet what you think could be Mrs Right. Living in Ukraine for over nine years is an unbelievable experience. Teaching over 15,000 hours of English has allowed me to learn so much. With Larisa’s help and friends, learning about Ukrainian society has be interesting and educational as well. Learn as much as possible about Ukraine before you travel to meet a lady.

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