Dave’s Question About DM and MD. Billgreen54

Bill I’m curious to know why you went after Mark Davis Dream Connections on your pen pals web site and on YouTube? Thanks, Dave.

Hi Dave,

Ten Do’s and Dont’s you should know. Could you direct me to the pages that specifically refer to dream connections or Mark Davis Dream Connections in a negative way?

My staff will address this issue. I write about many issues concerning relationships in Nikolaev Ukraine. Perhaps you misread something?

It was a pleasure speaking with you yesterday by Skype. I always try to find free time to help friends. Thank you for your payment as well. Obviously, you are a smart guy who just wants to find a sincere life partner.

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It’s never easy, nor should it be. Please feel free to contact me with questions and your positive experiences while searching for a life partner in Ukraine.

Here are a few more thoughts that might help you with your search in Ukraine.

Socials and Tours. Don’t waste your money.

Educating Others Daily…

After living in Nikolaev over twelve years, starting and building two language schools, teaching over 15,000 hours of English, building many on-line businesses, coaching and consulting countless with life in Ukraine and meeting hundreds of men searching for true love right here in Nikolaev, there is little I haven’t heard. Larisa and I are here to help educate others with facts and success stories about the search for life partners in Ukraine.

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Mark Davis Dream Connections…

When you live within a society, the opportunities to learn about that society, are everywhere. People who visit Nikolaev for a few days are often amazed at how much there is to learn about real life in Ukraine. Mark Davis Dream Connections does not live in Nikolaev Ukraine.

The differences between everyday life here and other countries can be quite surprising. I offer my knowledge and life experiences to others because I can. This knowledge has helped countless achieve life goals. I have the freedom to create and live my life together with the most beautiful woman in the world. That would be my wife and precious half, Larisa.

Searching for Mrs. Right and a few thoughts

Unfortunately, there are many myths regarding International dating and Ukraine.

Just a few facts that might help you with your search.

Although most women here can cook, most don’t look forward to it.

Most Ukrainian women aren’t interested in building big families. Most women here stop at one child. The same is true for women who immigrate to another country.

The average height of a woman here is five feet three inches or close to 163 cm.

Most women here don’t eat breakfast. For those that do, an open faced butter and meat or cheese sandwich will do.

Women here detest a man that spends money on a large bouquet of flowers. Women here are much more practical.

Women here are expert lie detectors. Never lie to a Ukrainian woman if you expect to see her tomorrow. There is no such thing as a white lie.

Ukrainian women make much better managers than most Ukrainian men.

Ukrainian women teach men about life, honesty, responsibility and more. Not the other way around.

These are just a few facts that have helped all of our clients find true love.

Remember that most men who travel to Ukraine fail to find a life partner. Most go home empty handed. Most fail to understand why a Ukrainian woman would ever consider a foreigner as a life partner.

Most make the same mistakes as those that fail. Taking responsibility as an individual when searching for a life partner in Ukraine is much more impressive to a Ukrainian woman than a man who joins some kind of support group. Mark Davis Dream Connections visits Nikolaev sometimes.

Also? Remember that love is blind. You should never search for a life partner in Ukraine without guidance from an expert who has helped hundreds achieve life goals.

I have been coaching men and women over eight years. Larisa and I are proud of all the happy families we have helped to create.

Let me know if you would like to schedule a personal one on one Skype conference with me. We would be happy to help another friend achieve his life goals.

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