Marriage Agencies. Questions and Answers

Larisa is from Ukraine…

Remember that most men who travel to Ukraine to meet a woman through marriage agencies, need guidance when it comes to International dating. Don’t allow an agency employee like a translator to tell you what to do.

I recommend to my clients that they ask a few questions when they visit a Marriage Agency. Remember that agencies prey on unsuspecting men. They will often guide you in the direction to earn them cash.

This might be apartment rental, taxi rental, interpreter rental and more. Do your homework and set yourself apart from the men who fail at asking the right questions.

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Ask a Few Simple Questions…

Ask a few simple questions. How old are the profiles in the catalog’s I’m viewing? Most of the time, less than twenty percent of the women in a catalog actually exist. If any profile is older than 6 months, ask why?

How many men has she actually met through the agency representing her? Is she represented by other agencies? How many web sites is this ladies profile posted on? How often does she come to the agency? Agencies don’t like these type of questions but, they are all legitimate questions to ask.

After all, you are searching for someone to share your life with. Most men ask more questions when shopping for a car. Doesn’t it just make sense to ask a few questions about the woman who will be driving it.

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Who Writes The Letters?…

Does the agency actually physically translate letters sent to her or is she phoned and the letters translated and paraphrased over the phone? How does the lady respond to letters received?

Does she actually come to the Marriage Agencies office with letter in hand? Or does she call the office with her comments? Remember that most letters are never read by the lady they are sent to.

Actually, most love letters written to you at agencies are written by men. Ask the agency manager if a man has been writing love letters to you. They will be surprised you have done your homework.

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Don’t be Afraid to Speak Up…

All Marriage Agencies maintain records and should be able to answer any questions you have regarding a lady they represent. Don’t be afraid to ask any question you have to be sure you feel a level of confidence the lady you want to meet is serious about her search for a man to love.

Asking questions at an agency will impress all who work there. Although they may not like you snooping around, they should answer your questions truthfully. While you are asking agency personnel these questions, watch their eyes. If they are lying, they usually give themselves away by expressions in their eyes.

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