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Sadly, Most Men Fail at Meeting a Real Woman in Ukraine

For all those men who consider traveling to Ukraine plan on meeting a real woman for the first time, BEWARE. There are at least 100 things you should know before considering a trip to Ukraine with the thought of meeting a real woman for the first time. Here are just a few.

Jim was 67, She wasn’t. Does age matter?

Truth about Age Difference…

The average age difference of a foreign man and a woman from Ukraine that actually do develop a relationship that ends in marriage is 9 years, not 20, 30 or 40. Most men think that because this is Ukraine, age doesn’t matter.

This could not be further from the truth. Actually, most Ukrainian women marry a man near her age. Never trust anyone telling you that age never matters. They are terribly misinformed.

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Ninety Nine Percent Fail…

Ninety nine percent of the men who actually travel to Ukraine to meet a Ukrainian woman he thought he had some kind of relationship with fail to create and develop an honest relationship.

This is always due to a lack of education and most men being too trusting and naive. You can increase your odds of success by educating yourself and learning how to succeed. Meeting a real woman is possible with the right attitude and knowledge.

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Communicate by Phone Beforehand…

No man should ever travel to Ukraine to meet a woman he has met online before communicating with her by phone, personal emails and more. Many men travel to Ukraine to meet a woman he thought was real.

The fact is that Larisa and I have met hundreds of men who met a woman that had never heard of him. They discover that the agency communicated with the man without telling the woman in the pretty picture.

There are ways to avoid this. Meeting a real woman for the first time should only be done after communicating in a verifiable way.

Tours and Socials. Don’t Waste Your Money…

Are You One of The Normal Guys?…

Ninety two point five percent or so of the men who travel to Ukraine to meet a woman are abnormal, dysfunctional in some way, flat outright ugly or just plain stupid. As rude and to the point as this statement is, it is true.

It’s is sad and unfortunate. Most of these men believe they are in love or they have a serious relationship before ever meeting a lady. This is a fantasy. You can only develop a real relationship after meeting face to face.

I have met many men in Nikolaev who have stated that they were in love before ever meeting a lady. This is not normal for sure. Set yourself apart. Don’t do all the things the abnormal guys do.

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Meeting a Real Woman…

Most men who travel to Ukraine, fail at developing an honest relationship. Sadly, this can be avoided with a little education. Real men never touch a Ukrainian woman first. Strange odd men, just want to touch and feel.

Most of the men who travel to Ukraine are searching for eye candy. They usually follow the same pattern. Sit close, hug and kiss. This is just plain dumb. Friends first, lovers later. Wait for the woman to hold your hand first.

Schedule a conference and I will tell you more about touching and feeling a Ukrainian woman.

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It’s Okay to Ask For Help…

If you are considering a holiday to Ukraine for the purpose of creating a relationship with Mrs Right, NEVER, NEVER DO IT ALONE. Ask for help.

I mean, NEVER! The first problem a man has when he travels around the world to meet a woman for the first time is… Sleep deprivation…. Your body clock is completely backwards. Often, men don’t think clearly. After you get rid of the jet lag, things get more real.

The main problem here is that most men come to Nikolaev for a ten day stay. This is just long enough to wake up and then travel back home.

You need someone to share a few thoughts with. Meeting a real woman will give you a chance to create and develop a real relationship.

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Never Give Cash To New Friend…

Remember, love is blind, keep your wallet closed and your eyes wide open when coming to Ukraine to meet a woman. Most of the women you meet through tours and socials or meet and greets are not honest.

They are just looking for some extra cash. Most women found online are working girls. They get paid to communicate with you in many ways. This includes chat, video chat, letter writing, meeting you and more.

All gifts ordered through an agency are never delivered. They are exchanged for cash. Everyone takes a cut, the website, agency and lady you think you are communicating with. Never, Never send gifts through a dating site or agency. Never trust a photo sent to you.

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No two people share the identical circumstances. If you are planning to be successful and find your angel, create a plan that works.