Ten Do’s and Dont’s For Meeting A Woman For The First Time…

Ten Do’s, Dont’s The First Time…

Ten do’s and dont’s for meeting women sound like a simple thing, right? The surprise is how many men don’t care. Many men turn off a Ukrainian woman the very first time they meet face to face. It takes just minutes to destroy any chance of finding that chemistry.

Here are a few facts to think about before you meet a sincere beautiful Ukrainian woman for the first time or anytime. Meeting women in Ukraine is not that difficult.

Number One… Always make sure you use your own interpreter. Never just use an interpreter from an agency.

Number Two… Drink something simple like soda, juice or bottled water. Never drink alcohol of any kind.

Number Three… A simple handshake is perfect. Never attempt to kiss her on the lips.

Number Four… The handshake is enough body contact. Never put your hands on a woman anywhere.

Number Five… Do personal things in the bathroom. Never blow or pick your nose at the table.

Number Six… Sit across the table from her. Never ask her to sit near the corner of the table.

Number Seven… Let her talk. Conversation is just that… Ask answer ask should always be 50/50.

Number Eight… Start out with simple words and speak slowly. Never joke or tease in a second language.

Number Nine… Learn how to speak at least twenty Russian words. Kak-dela, Privit, Spasiba etc…

Number Ten… Dress casually in neutral colors. Don’t wear white tennis shoes or a tie.

Mr. Green has assisted clients searching for someone to share their lives and dreams with, for ten years.

Meeting women in Ukraine can be daunting. A challenge indeed.

While living in Ukraine during this time, Mr. Green and Larisa Green have met and consulted with many men and women. During this time Bill and Larisa have helped many couples better understand the elements of building a successful cross cultural relationship.

Mr. Green shares his thoughts and experiences with the hope that you find value and success in accomplishing your life goals.

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