Scammers in Ukraine. Ten Ways to Determine if She is Honest.

The realities in Ukraine can be surprising to say the least. There are many beautiful women in Ukraine but, scammers in Ukraine are everywhere. Working at an agency is just one way scammers make money.

Most women found through so-called marriage agencies are married or are in a relationship. Women work at Marriage agencies because they need a job. My best guess is that close to one in one hundred are serious.

Here are a few thoughts that will help you determine if a woman is real or not. Just remember to keep your eyes wide open and your wallet closed. Also? remember that scammers in Ukraine are looking for you. A person with cash.

Before you Decide to Travel…

The best way to determine if a woman is honest is to do your homework long before you decide to visit her in her own country. If you make the decision to actually go and visit her, you will be in an elite group of men who make the journey. There are countless scammers in Ukraine.

Before Travel to Ukraine…

Before traveling to meet a lady in Ukraine, there a few things you must do. No matter where you came in contact with this lady, you should have communicated on-line for at least two months.

You should have spoken to her through the agency at least twice. You must have her contact information before you actually go to meet her.

Scammers in Ukraine Information…

Scammers in Ukraine don’t want to give you contact information most of the time. You must have called her phone number and spoken to her ten times. It does not matter if she speaks English or not.

It is more about whether you actually have her phone number and if she answers the phone. A real honest woman will always enjoy hearing your voice.

Meeting Face to Face…

Once you actually meet her face to face and get to know each other, just remember a few things about real, honest Ukrainian women. Common sense and an honest attempt at learning as much as possible about her country will be a great plus.

Meeting a woman in Ukraine isn’t much different than any other country. Just be respectful. Keep your eyes wide open and your wallet closed.

Here are a few thoughts to help you either improve your chances of finding a real woman or to walk away and continue your search.

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[bctt tweet=”The first time you both sit together at a cafe, she won’t be hungry, she won’t eat much, she will be nervous.” username=”Billgreen54″]

Number One…

The first time you both sit together at a cafe, she won’t be hungry, she won’t eat much, she will be nervous. She will most likely eat very little or nothing at all. A pro-dater will know the menu by heart and will be hungry.

A dishonest woman might request sushi or will tell you to take her to an expensive five star restaurant. Ladies and agencies often receive a commission from the restaurant.

Number Two…

A dishonest woman might ask you to buy her something. Often something small at first. A real pro-dater will never ask directly. She will make subtle hints and watch your reaction very carefully.

A serious, honest woman will never ask or hint that she wants anything. Even if she desperately needs something. She will never ask.

Number Three…

If a woman suggests that you just take a look in a store for any reason be careful. It’s rare that a woman goes window shopping with a man she just met. She won’t want to make the wrong impression with her new friend.

If she wants to go into a store, Just tell her that you will wait outside. See what her attitude is. Is she angry?

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Number Four…

Has she made any comments regarding her phone? Does it need repair? Is it an old phone? Has she indicated in any way that she needs a new mobile phone? If she has suggested in any way that she needs a new mobile phone, ask her what a new mobile phone costs. A phone with every bell and whistle costs less than $100 in Ukraine.

Number Five…

Is she ill? Does she need to see a doctor? Does she need medicine? Is her grandmother in the hospital? If she suggests any of these problems, most likely she is dishonest.

A real woman in Ukraine will rarely ask or hint that she needs anything from you. Honest Ukrainian women are way too proud to ask for anything.

Number Six…

Has the woman you went to meet invited you to the marriage agency? Has she asked that you meet the manager of the agency? Has she given you the address of the agency?

Has she invited you to meet her friends at the agency? Honest women and agencies will be happy to introduce you to their friends.

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Number Seven…

Does she spend everyday with you while you are in her city? Does she spend an hour or two? If she can’t spend time with you, why did you go to meet her? If she is working, where does she work? Has she told you? Has she invited you to her place of work? If not, there is something very wrong.

Number Eight…

After the first meeting, does she insist that you meet her with an agency interpreter? How much English does she actually speak? What foreign language did she study at school?

After the first meeting, you don’t need an interpreter even if she doesn’t speak any English. All Ukrainians must study a foreign language in school. Most study English at some level.

Number Nine…

Has she asked you for money? Has she indicated that she needs money for any reason? Is she wearing the same clothes every time you meet with her? Has she indicated that she needs to pay some bills?

Has she asked you to buy food or clothes for her child, friends or parents? Once again, real Ukrainian women never ask for anything until you have developed a serious relationship over time.

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Number Ten…

Has she said that she loves you? Has she indicated that you are the one she has been looking for? Does she tell you that you are the one? These are all signs that a Ukrainian woman isn’t honest.

Earning the heart of a real Ukrainian woman will be the most difficult challenge of your lifetime. Until you have proven your true intentions and affection for her, she won’t permit you into her heart. Give your new friendship time and anything is possible.

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