Tours and Socials… Ten Reasons Why You Should Never Waste Your Money…

Tours socials and just a few reasons why you most likely avoid these types of services like the plague. While it is true that people find people many ways in society, meeting and building a lasting relationship in a day or two is impossible.

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Most men who travel in a group to meet women in Ukraine are looked at by Ukrainians as someone who needs a mommy or daddy to guide them. The men who travel with other unattached men, often do need help with life decisions.

Social Tour to Ukraine a true story.
Tours socials meet and greet events think twice.

The big question is… Why??? Why do men need someone to introduce them to a group of women? Ukrainian women always wonder why a real man needs help. Single ladies in Ukraine who are searching for a real man know the difference between strong and weak character.

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Most men who pay thousands to so-called meet and greet companies, have never been married. Many of these guys will never be married. Ukraine is often the last chance for true love. Most of these types of guys are in their 40’s and have been searching for some time.

Searching for Mrs. Right in Ukraine.

Tours socials spending thousands for empty promises.

Here are just a few other reasons why a man should never put himself in a situation where he places his love life in the hands of another.

Reason Number One… 99% of the men who attend a socials always go home empty handed. This is because men fail to educate themselves.

Reason Number Two… Most men who go an a tour and social, make it an annual event always going home like last time. Men travel to Ukraine in tours even after they know their way around with the last hope.

Reason Number Three… The few REAL men that do attend socials are joining a group of idiots.

Reason Number Four… Most men who go on tours and socials are fat, bald, toothless and just plain ugly. Sorry for being so rude but, ask any man who has gone on a singles tour who or what sat beside him and you will realize what I am talking about.

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Reason Number Five… In nine years I have never met a man who had found an honest woman through any tour or social with a group of odd ducks.

Reason Number Six… Women who go to socials to meet men are given gifts and money to attend. This is a well known fact in Nikolaev. Tour companies often hand out flyers to anyone who will take one days before a tour comes to town.

Reason Number Seven… Most men who go on a tour and social are socially dysfunctional.

Reason Number Eight… Most men who go on socials think they will find a new daughter to marry.

Reason Number Nine… Women who attend socials find it disgusting to be forced to meet dirty old men.

Reason Number Ten… Promises and agreements made by Executives of socials are never kept.

Mr. Green has assisted clients searching for someone to share their lives and dreams with, for over 9 years. While living in Ukraine during this time, Mr. Green has met and consulted with over two thousand men and women.

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